Warzone pro banned by Twitch & $50k tourney over body-shooting drama

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A Call of Duty: Warzone pro was banned mid-tournament by Twitch and the $50,000 Symfuhny Showdown after he shot another streamer’s body and his teammate read TOS-breaking hate raid comments out loud.

With $50,000 on the line, ‘DenxH’ won a Gulag against SuperEvan in the Symfuhny Showdown. And, in a fit of passion, he shot the streamer’s body. 

Moments later, Evan’s chat raided DenxH’s team using language that breaks Twitch’s Terms of Service. His teammate, Jaay, read some of those comments out loud and that seemingly led to DenxH’s ban.

So, because he shot a body in the Gulag, DenxH was near-immediately banned by Twitch, removed from the tournament, and replaced with TranceMB. Warzone and CoD tournaments can get dramatic, but this episode might take the cake.

Warzone pro banned from tournament over body-shooting drama

As you can see in the clip, DenxH killed Ev in the Gulag and shot his body. The streamer understandably took some offense, asking “why are you shooting my body?”

His chat seemingly took more offense, proceeding to hop into the offending team’s chats and saying a number of insults. Among those was a homophobic slur, which DenxH’s teammate, Jaay, read out loud.

In the past, CoD tournaments have had drama specifically due to shooting bodies. In one case, a CoD Mobile team was disqualified mid-tourney when their player shot bodies after pulling off a 1v3 clutch.

The behavior is typical trash talk in the franchise, so some have replied wondering why chat got upset in the first place.

But, for people competing in tournaments and streaming on Twitch, there is a clear takeaway: Don’t read Twitch chat out loud. And for fans of streamers: no one likes hate raids.