Symfuhny blasts “dumb” Warzone 2 devs for removing Resurgence solos

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Popular Twitch streamer Symfuhny blasted Call of Duty Warzone 2 developers following the removal of Resurgence solos.

The Warzone sequel received a solos mode for Resurgence on February 24, allowing users to bypass playing the map with a group of four.

While players enjoyed the new option, developer Raven Software only made solos available in a Weekend Playlist. To the dismay of fans, then, this particular way to enjoy the Resurgence map has since been removed from Warzone 2.

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Players have already made their frustrations with the decision known, with popular streamers chiming in with their two cents, as well.

Symfuhny calls out Warzone 2 devs over Resurgence solos

Twitch streamer Symfuhny gave up on playing Warzone 2’s Resurgence map during a recent broadcast. Apparently, playing the locale without the solos option proved more frustrating than fun.

Symfuhny expressed the following, “I really enjoyed solos on this map but the devs are quite literally dumb and just got rid of it, so this mode is not fun.”

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As evidenced by the fury expressed in the Call of Duty community, Warzone 2’s Resurgence solos option is already sorely missed.

Whether or not Raven Software will eventually bring it back in another Weekend Playlist remains to be seen. But it’s clear dedicated Warzone 2 players would much rather see solos for the map return as a permanent addition.

Such frustrations come on the heels of confusion about Resurgence squad sizes. Many users walked away from the conversation convinced it’d be best to host every playlist simultaneously instead of rotating them in and out.

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This method likely would’ve spared developers a lot of grief amid the ongoing backlash over Resurgence solos.

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