Swagg explains what Halo Infinite would need to tempt him to join Warzone exodus

343 Industries / FaZe Swagg / Activision

Swagg has been one of the most popular Warzone creators since the game dropped, but the exodus of Twitch streamers and constant in-game issues has him and others looking forward to newer titles like Halo Infinite.

On the Eavesdrop Podcast, OpTic CEO Hector ‘H3CZ’ Rodriguez and Swagg were examining the insane lead Warzone has on most games in the genre. However, it’s been losing streamers left and right.

With its constant battle against hackers, Warzone has been in desperate need for an anti-cheat system to make games feel good to play and watch.

That’s where upcoming titles like Halo Infinite can really make a splash and steal some of the hype that competitive online games like Warzone have cultivated – but Halo would need to have a battle royale.

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343 Industries
As Halo Infinite’s launch nears, streamers are anticipating the next big title to farm views.

Swagg is really invested in Warzone and he’d have to really like Infinite to switch over. But if people are buying into the content, it’s not far-fetched that he’d join the Warzone exodus.

“For me to truly switch games, I got to really like it. I got to be able to make content on it,” Swagg said. “I use my streams as recording sessions. I don’t just stream to stream games; I stream with a purpose.

“The streams have to feed into the Youtube somehow. If it’s not, I’m not going to stream it. So I think– I don’t know man, people are talking about this Halo.”

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Swagg’s face lit up talking about the new Halo, but it’d likely need a BR for content creators like him to grind out videos.

(Timestamp at 57:03 for mobile viewers)

While the idea could be tempting, the Warzone devs still have everything in their corner to turn around their title’s downward trajectory. Swagg himself pointed out plenty of ways Warzone could right the ship, but dealing with the army of hackers would have to be top priority.

While he might love certain games, Swagg will tailor content with titles he knows are going to blow up – and Warzone’s been struggling a lot lately.

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