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Team Jukeyz wins FaZe Swagg’s $100K Warzone Summer Invitational: final results

Published: 19/Aug/2021 2:10 Updated: 19/Aug/2021 2:13

by Brad Norton


Swagg’s second Warzone Summer Invitational is now in the books as Jukeyz, Lenun, & fifakill secured the win in the $100K customs event. Here’s how the action unfolded.

  • Team Jukeyz wins $75K first-place prize.
  • Team Tommey falls just short of the prize pool in fourth-place.
  • Team Aydan, Team HusKerrs among the top eight Trios.

Following on from his first major Warzone event, Swagg’s Summer Invitational returned for another round on August 18.

As the world’s most popular players dropped into five private lobbies, action was relentless from start to finish. Here’s how the full $100K event played out.

Swagg’s Summer Invitational final placements (Top 8)

Placement Team Points Prize
1st Jukeyz, Lenun, fifakill 105 $75,000
2nd Destroy, ZLaner, ClutchBelk 88 $15,000
3rd picNICKbasket, OakleyBoiii, Ultra Nickool 85 $10,000
4th Tommey, Newbz, Almond 83
5th Aydan, Rated, Blazt 82
6th HusKerrs, UnRationaL, ScummN 79
7th braalik, ForeignJase, HisokaT42 76
8th IceManIsaac, bbreadman, Drakota 70

Swagg’s Summer Invitational results & recap

From accomplished Warzone veterans to popular streamers, Swagg invited a mix of talent and personality to his latest event and this dynamic led to one of the closest tournaments yet.


Throughout each custom lobby, different Trios were able to secure high-kill games while pushing for the top multiplier. Heading into the final round, four teams, in particular, were well within reach having cleared the 70-point mark.

Ultimately, the final lobby was Team Juekyz’ for the taking. They went on an absolute tear to push themselves up the rankings and take out the $75,000 first-place prize.

Swagg’s Summer Invitational stream

As this was Swagg’s event, the popular FaZe streamer was broadcasting live on his own Twitch channel.

Moreover, the official FaZe Clan YouTube channel served as a hub stream to keep on top of every match.


Swagg’s Summer Invitational prize pool

There were pretty high stakes throughout the event as those at the top were awarded for their efforts. While 41 Trios entered, only the top three fell in the money.

Summer Invitational prize breakdown:

  • 1st: $75,000
  • 2nd: $15,000
  • 3rd: $10,000

Swagg’s Summer Invitational format

The latest $100K event dropped trios into a custom lobby setting. Five rounds of action were in the cards as teams battled in a private instance of Verdansk.

During these games, teams were rewarded not only for kills, but their placements as well. The longer they survived in each round, the better their point multiplier would be. Below is a breakdown of how this event incentivized smarter play.


  • 1st place: 2x multiplier
  • 2nd – 15th place: 1.5x multiplier
  • 16th – 50th: No multiplier

The team with the most points at the end of 5 total matches was declared the overall winner.

Swagg’s Summer Invitational teams

There was a stacked playing field going into Swagg’s Summer Invitational.

Take a look at the complete list of players that were duking it out on Verdansk throughout the day.

BrittneyRaines, Finessen, Ottereyes Jukeyz, Lenun, Fifakill
HusKerrs, UnRationaL, ScummN Repullze, Lucky Chamu, SuperEvan
Aydan, Rated, Blazt SuperEvan, MuTeX, DiazBiffle
IceManIsaac, Temperrr, Tonyboy FaZe Adapt, greendoze, Knight
IceManIsaac, bbreadman, Drakota FaZe Swagg, FaZe Booya, DiazBiffle
FaZe Santana, FaZe JSmooth, Arrayyz LG WarsZ, Skullface49, ShiftyTV
sincerelyjuju, Dotarachi, CreatedByEric Destroy, ZLANER, ClutchBelk
FaZe Testyment, KayzahR, CPentagon RØKKR Smixie, MirreyTv, PandaTV
CleanTV, ShawnP, HitmanHarris Flxnked, Intechs, stukawaki
Tommey, Newbz, Almxnd BobbyPoff, Greveey, Renjirennn
NRG JoeWo, Rivs, exzachtt NYSL Swish, OPMarked, Devious
MuTeX, Mayappo, zColorss picNICKbasket, OakleyBoiii, Ultra Nickool
JessieCooks, begroovy, MVapulear FaZe Dirty, Pork, chun
C9 EmZ, Angel, Sirciz braalik, ForeignJase, HisokaT42
p90princess, Gangstaz, Yungstaz ShawnJ Gaming, JujuSaiyan, Donzell
Ultra Royalize, GooeyGuyy, Dezmond HeyLoveIy, ChunkRJT, MikeRevolt
zSmit, KriiNkz, BasedGodXenoN Sage, xollost, Niico
MrDaft, aHTracT12, XSET Frozone thuggxr, EyeQew, Djmas23
TheDanDangler, FaZe Testy, Kismet6 kenz, zJelly, Validhands
queenbitty, Caspvr, Rias Redman, Tourva, Nightlennn
OTF Bibby, StableJay, SamHAM