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Strange Warzone exploit lets you carry three weapons at once

Published: 14/Jun/2020 16:00

by Daniel Cleary


A new Warzone exploit has been found which can allow players to carry three different weapons at the same time in the battle royale mode.

Warzone’s massive arena, Verdansk, offers players a variety of different terrain that can require them to adapt their playstyle depending on where they are on the map.

One of the easiest ways to adapt is with the weapons you can find in loot boxes or in loadout drops, although with so much weapon choice, it can be hard to narrow it down to two weapons that work in all situations.

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Infinity Ward
Warzone players have found a new glitch that can give them three weapons at once.

As launchers are helpful for enemy vehicles and snipers are necessary for long-range fights, players will often find themselves at a disadvantage in some of the more situational battles if they opt for the SMGs and ARs classes, that are regularly seen in Verdansk.


However, CoD YouTuber Silent Nine has uncovered a new exploit in Warzone that can give players three different weapons at once in the popular battle royale, allowing them to be more prepared for whatever comes their way.

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The bizarre glitch, which can be done solo, requires you to have a custom loadout made with a Riot Shield before loading into a match, and once you drop in, you’ll need to find an ATV to get the three guns.

The three gun exploit can also be done with a helicopter as your vehicle, although the ATV makes the glitch a little easier and they are also more commonly found in Verdansk.


From there you will need to call in, or find, a loadout drop on the map before going over to it and selecting your riot shield loadout.

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With a riot shield loadout equipped, all you’ll need to do is park your ATV near the dropped weapons on the floor, switch to the passenger seat, and if you’re close enough to pick up the gun, it should kick you off the vehicle and give you three weapon slots for the rest of the match.

While there was another three weapon glitch in Modern Warfare’s multiplayer, this is the first time that it can be done in Warzone and will likely be targeted by Infinity Ward to be fixed in one of their future patches.