Strange Modern Warfare exploit lets you pick up unlimited guns

Daniel Cleary
Modern warfare characters shooting

Modern Warfare players have found an unusual exploit with a shield turret killstreak in-game that lets you pick up and use as many weapons as you want.

The latest Call of Duty title has plenty of weapons for fans to choose between, with even more teased to be on the way, but each loadout can only carry two weapons, forcing players to narrow their options with each class.

However, some players have found a glitch in Modern Warfare, where you can seemingly get around this two-weapon restriction and store any extra weapons that are lying around in-game.

modern warfare characters
Modern Warfare players can typically only hold two weapons at a time.

Unlimited gun glitch in Modern Warfare

While there has previously been a bug that could allow you to grab an extra weapon in Modern Warfare, this new “unlimited guns” glitch seems to let you pick up as many you want.

Call of Duty YouTuber Bubs was among the first to share this glitch, revealing that you could store as many weapons as you want as long as you managed to earn a Shield Turret killstreak.

After getting the Shield Turret, Bubs explained that players would need to position the killstreak near any guns on the floor to equip them as well.

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“You want to hop on the shield turret and quickly off and basically, at the same time, pick up the gun,” the YouTuber added, “this has to be done really fast or otherwise it’s not going to work.”

It was also shared that this exploit works in Modern Warfare’s multiplayer and co-op modes, although it has yet to be replicated in Warzone.

He later revealed that, while he has only done it for up to eight guns, players can choose to do more if they need but your loadout will be reset once you die.

As with all exploits, it is likely that Infinity Ward will be looking to patch this unusual bug in a future update.

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