New Season 5 weapons shown for Warzone & Modern Warfare

Albert Petrosyan

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Two new weapons – the APC9 and AN-94 – have been teased in the Modern Warfare and Warzone Season 5 trailer as Infinity Ward gear up for the launch of their games’ next chapter.

At the start of every season in Modern Warfare, the developers have released two brand new weapons for both multiplayer and Warzone, and Season 5 stands to be no exception.

That said, determining which guns would make their debut in Season 5 was nothing more than a guessing game until Activision finally released a sneak peek trailer on July 30.

While the video doesn’t outright reveal what the weapons will be, eagle-eyed fans spotted them being used by the new Shadow Company Operators, since they definitely don’t look like anything that’s currently in the game.

Infinity WardThe Modern Warfare & Warzone Season 5 trailer appears to reveal the two new weapons that are coming soon.

The image above, which is a piece of promotional artwork for the new Shadow Company, shows what players believe will be the two guns introduced in Season 5. The first is a submachine gun in the hands of the two closer characters, which could very well the APC9.

Created by Brügger & Thomet, the APC9 is an SMG that’s similar to the UMP in that it can deliver a quick and powerful punch from short-to-mid-range distances.

This isn’t the first time this SMG has been linked with Modern Warfare; its existence in the game files was leaked all the way back in November, and it seems that Infinity Ward have decided now is the time to actually add it.

Infinity Ward / Reddit - u/Lfren38The ACP9 was found in the game files and leaked as early as November of last year.

Following the Season 5 trailer, Modern Warfare leaker, BKTOOR, has shared some early gameplay of this new SMG ahead of its expected release on August 5.

The brief clip reveals an in-game look at the APC9 on Cheshire Park, however, it is unclear just how it will stack up against guns such as the Mp7 or Mp5.

The next new weapon, which can be seen held by the Operator that’s farthest from the camera in the first image above, appears to be a remade version of the AN-94, an iconic assault rifle that’s been featured in all four Black Ops titles.

Its distinct curved magazine, two-part barrel, and long body are all recognizable from the trailer, and it makes even more sense considering that this AR, much like the APC9, was found in the back-end files months ago.

The only likely difference between this new 2020 version and past models will probably be the name, as Infinity Ward have always changed what their new guns are called even if they’re just remakes of old ones.

Infinity WardSeason 5’s new Shadow Company Operators can be seen holding weapons that strongly resemble the AN-94.

In fact, one leaker on Reddit claimed to have found the reload animations for the AN-94, which he showed by applying them to a Grau and recording the result.

While all of this is the likeliest scenario, it won’t be set in stone until Activision and Infinity Ward fully reveal the details of the upcoming season, which will also include at least one new multiplayer map, three new Operators, and more.

It won’t be long until we find out for sure, however, as Season 5 of Modern Warfare and Warzone is set to launch on Wednesday, August 5, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.