Maven baffled after crazy Warzone glitch blacks out entire screen

Alan Bernal

CDL commentator and popular Call of Duty personality Clint ‘Maven’ Evans was astounded after a glitch left his game of Warzone blacked out with not much left for him to do about it.

Warzone has been incredibly popular among CoD faithfuls but there have been instances where the game doesn’t exactly function the way it was meant to. All battle royales have run into the occasional bug that offers people a truly unique experience like unlimited respawns.

Unfortunately for Maven, he didn’t come across a particularly fun glitch. Instead, the walls were creeping ever closer to the longtime host’s stream and started showing Verdansk in a whole new light.

Making his way through Bloc 6 near the Stadium, Maven was looting when there was a visual bug actively creeping across his screen. The images actually started creeping to other parts of the game and gave elements in Warzone a completely different style.

The ‘blackhole’ glitch in Warzone has been an ongoing issues for the CoD community.

“Oh no, again!” Maven shouted. “Where am I?!”

This type of bug has actually been popping up for some players. Though Maven’s screen looked like a throwback to Modern Warfare 3’s cover art, the bug can produce a wild array of images for people.

There still isn’t a known fix for the bug, but as Tyler ‘TeePee’ Polchow alluded to, there is a way to clear up the screen – even though it’s not always guaranteed.

Some people have had success getting rid of the bug by completely looking away from the ‘blackhole’ and letting the glitch simply pass.

But Maven expertly showed how players typically freak out when the only known solution to the bug fails to register, leaving them with a botched game. It took about a minute for Maven to come back to the light, but it’s safe to say that the community would like a more meaningful fix if it were to happen again.

This is a glitch that’s been top of Infinity Ward’s list of major problems to fix with Warzone. Back in March they announced they were going to address the instances where “players will rarely see full-screen black corruption when naturally progressing through the map.”

The CoD community and Maven are going to be looking forward to that fix in Warzone which should finally end this bizarre glitch in the game.

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