StoneMountain64 explains how Warzone devs should address DMR issue

Theo Salaun

As concern over the DMR 14, MAC-10, and dual Diamattis grows in Warzone, streamer ‘StoneMountain64’ thinks Call of Duty’s developers over at Raven Software should vault the overpowered weapons.

The Warzone meta shifted dramatically when Black Ops Cold War integrated with Modern Warfare’s weapons throughout Verdansk for BOCW Season 1. It took a few days and experimentation from the battle royale’s players, but after ‘GD_Booya’ dropped huge kills with the DMR in a tournament, it became clear that a new, ranged sheriff was in town.

On December 16, BCOW’s 30 guns were added to Warzone in the biggest content release for the free battle royale ever. Less than a month later, following practically unanimous concern from fans and streamers, Raven and Treyarch pushed nerfs for the DMR, MAC-10 and Diamattis on January 6.

But, rather than over-correcting, the game’s players appear dissatisfied and believe the guns remain overpowered. This leads StoneMountain, a popular streamer and content creator, to suggest that Raven vault the weapons instead of simply continuing to test out tunings on the live servers.

When asked about the meta and the omnipresent DMR, Stone offered a new solution: “Why not even just vault the gun? … They clearly were able to switch the helicopters back to the old helicopters, so they just take the gun out of the game until they can fix whatever it is they want to fix about it.”

Vaulting has been an effective solution for another highly-successful BR: Fortnite. Developers Epic Games remove weapons and other items from the game periodically whenever things get out of hand, and then sometimes bring them back weeks or months down the line if they deem it appropriate.

As Stone alluded to in the podcast, this has been used as an option in Warzone as well, with the likes of choppers and vehicles whenever they’ve been involved with game-breaking exploits and glitches – why not apply the same approach with guns that are so clearly overpowered and broken?

Warzone airport tower helicopter
Warzone’s original, non-turret helicopters had to return when the attack choppers got vaulted.

This issue is of dear concern to the game’s community, as social media and Twitch streams are littered with complaints about the ineffective nerfs.  One of the game’s most prominent voices, Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff recently dove into additional nerfs needed for the gun to become balanced — but StoneMountain has a different strategy for addressing the problem.

Stone suggests that devs can follow that process for fixing guns, by removing the DMR and other overpowered guns from the title until they can be balanced properly.

While it’s unclear if fans would welcome this solution, vaulting is an interesting idea and people appear open to any fixes for “DMRzone.”

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