Simple Warzone Gas Mask tactic is literally “pay to win”

Jacob Hale

Warzone players have found an easy yet effective tactic to take the win in Verdansk, and it might be the most annoying way you could lose to somebody.

Catching wins in Warzone is no easy task, with up to 149 other players vying for the title in Call of Duty’s latest battle royale effort.

While often a match will end with a tense fight in a building, with RPG’s, C4 and M4 assault rifles in abundance, this gas mask tactic proved that you can actually win while hidden in plain sight, and takes the meaning of “pay to win” to a new level.

There are few things more tense than slugging it out in the final circle in Warzone.

Warzone introduced a bunch of new features to the battle royale genre, with one of the most unique being the buy station, where players can purchase killstreaks, armor plates, teammate re-deployment and, most importantly in this case, a Gas Mask.

The Gas Mask is used to protect players from the incoming gas for a limited time while it closes in around Verdansk. While players typically use them to get out of the gas and not succumb to it, Reddit user schmayward shared his innovative tactic for using the buy station and Gas Masks to his advantage.

After attempting to fight the remaining team, but realizing they’re likely to get the better of him, schmayward decided to stick it out behind a buy station, using his spare cash to buy a new Gas Mask every time his current one ran out.

Of course, a lot of variables have to come together for this to work out. Firstly, carrying that kind of money into the final gunfight is easier said than done, as is effectively using your time to stay situated near a buy station. At $3000, the Gas Mask isn’t cheap, so you really do need a lot of cash to really make use of this tactic.

You’ll also need to hope there is a buy station in somewhat close proximity to the final few circles, or else the time you need to survive will be too long, even with lots of cash to spare.

It relies a lot on the final circle working perfectly in your favor, but if the opportunity is there, it’s definitely a trick you could take advantage of, especially as your opponents won’t be expecting it. So if you’re ever in a late-game dilemma, you might have just found the best play to make.