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Warzone devs respond to game-breaking respawn glitch

Published: 11/May/2020 12:54

by Jacob Hale


A game-breaking respawn glitch has been plaguing Warzone players attempting to revive their teammates, but now a lead dev at Infinity Ward has commented on the issue.

It’s a bug you might have encountered at some point, and is genuinely a nightmare, especially when in tense situations. You take $4500, you head to the buy station to revive your fallen teammate, but you get nothing. Instead, it tells you your teammate is already in action on the battlefield.

It’s a bug that we’ve seen cost players matches numerous times, but there never seemed to be any real reason behind it, nor a solution to fixing the problem.


Players are getting stuck unable to drop back in to Verdansk thanks to this glitch.

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Now, though, Infinity Ward’s Co-Design Director of Multiplayer, Joe Cecot, has caught wind of the bug that is gradually affecting more and more people, and responded to the issue at hand.

On May 9, Twitter user Kris Luck reported the glitch to Cecot, who responded simply saying that they “haven’t seen this” but that he would report it to whoever needs to know.

Not long after, Cecot responded once again, showing that they were quickly looking to sort the issue. “Fix coming in next update” he told Kris, though it’s not completely clear when said update will go live in Warzone and Modern Warfare.


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This isn’t the first major glitch players have encountered in Warzone, of course, but it might be one of the most annoying, especially given how influential it is on the outcome of the match.

It’s not clear where this bug has come from, but it’s fair to say that if you do get hit by it, don’t stand around at the buy station repeatedly trying, because it will inevitably result in your demise as enemies find you standing there hopelessly.

Regardless, it appears a fix is well on its way, so it shouldn’t be an issue for too much longer – but be wary anyway, and make sure your teammates are caught up on our top Gulag tips to make sure they’re not kicked out of Verdansk too early.