The Finals player discovers how to win match without getting a single kill

Declan Mclaughlin
A gameplay screenshot from The Finals.

A group of The Finals players managed to win a round without killing a single enemy.

The Finals is an objective-based game, depending on the mode players choose. While getting cashboxes and cashing out is the main objective, getting kills makes the game much easier.

Wiping an entire three-man squad can mean the difference between moving on to the next round, or bombing out by a slim margin.

However, one group of players has discovered and managed to win a round without recording a single kill against their opponents.

The Finals players win round with no kills

The player posted their achievement to The Finals’ subreddit, and showcased their scoreline. The squad finished with 1 elimination and 14 deaths. No one on the team had a combat score over 1,000 and two players had a 1,400 objective score.

“This was possible by setting up lots of defenses with, blocking doors and windows with Goo grenades, C4 and gas mines all around the cash out. I had a flamethrower to torch out gas while we were all behind shields. Anyone who tried to enter the room got lit up and ran out before they could die,” the post explained.

They further explained that the only reason one player ended up with a kill was because an enemy walked into a gas grenade and died from the damage over time trying to get around their shields.

Other players in the community seemed impressed by the feat, saying there should be an achievement for accomplishing such a feat.

“I wish more people would grasp that the K/D ultimately doesn’t mean jack shit, the cash out is what matters,” one Reddit user said.

Whether this will become a meta-strategy remains to be seen. While the numbers and results speak for themselves, executing the strategy consistently might be hard to pull off depending on the map. This could also be directly impacted by updates as Goo could become easier to destroy, and gas mines could do more damage and kill enemies.