Infinity Ward respond to ‘broken’ Ghost perk in Warzone

. 2 years ago
Infinity Ward

Modern Warfare and Warzone developers Infinity Ward have responded to players after a glitch with the Ghost perk was found.

Warzone has become increasingly popular since its release in April with millions of players dropping into Verdansk in hopes of seeing that elusive Victory cutscene.

Custom loadouts can play a massive part in succeeding on Warzone, as it allows players to switch up their weapons and perks mid-game, to be prepared for whatever situation arises.

Infinity Ward
Custom loadouts can provide players with a massive advantage in Warzone.

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One of the key perks that has been used by many players in the popular battle royale mode is Ghost, which helps to fly under-the-radar when a UAV is used nearby, giving a significant advantage in Warzone when playing cautiously.

The Ghost perk also protects players from opponents who are equipped with a heartbeat sensor or personal radars in multiplayer game modes, making it harder for others to track them in-game.

However, unlike the multiplayer version of Ghost, Warzone players discovered that they were visible on the killcams of enemies, that were using heartbeat sensors, and it left many confused as to what the perk actually did.

CharlieIntel / Infinity Ward
Ghost is one of the most popular perks for custom loadouts in Warzone.

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Ghost “working as intended”

Infinity Ward has now responded to the ‘broken’ perk with a notice on their community Trello board, informing fans that Ghost was actually working as intended in Warzone and that players were not as safe as they have previously expected.

“Ghost not protecting against Heartbeat Sensor – This is working as intended but showing incorrectly in the killcams. A fix for the killcam is coming in a future update,” IW revealed in a post.

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Although they did explain that there is an issue with how the perk would display on Heartbeat sensors in killcams, and this bug was likely causing much of the confusion.

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They also shared that a solution was currently being worked on for the unusual bug, but as of now, it is unclear when exactly the killcam glitch will be fixed on live servers.

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