Shroud says he would rather play Battlefield than Modern Warfare 2


Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 received harsh criticism after a rocky launch, and shroud boldly claimed Battlefield 2042 is a better game.

Game-breaking bugs, UI backlash, and missing features marred Modern Warfare 2’s highly anticipated launch. After only three days, Dr Disrespect uninstalled the game (for one day), and even longtime CoD supporters such as OpTic Scump questioned MW2’s design choices.

With that being said, is MW2 a worse title than Battlefield 2042? EA’s latest series entry severely missed the mark, instigating a refund petition. However, the developers did a good job patching a sinking ship, and successful seasonal content brought back maligned players.

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Slowly but surely, Battlefield is heading back in the right direction as questions loom over CoD. Shroud made it clear which game he prefers playing.

Modern Warfare 2 Campaign imageActivision
Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer experience has received mixed reviews.

Is Battlefield 2042 better than Modern Warfare 2?

During a Twitch live stream on November 3, shroud claimed MW2’s “gun models look great, and the animations are good, but I think Battlefield is much better than this.”

The streamer used the word “bad” to describe his experience playing Modern Warfare 2 but wouldn’t go into too much detail on what was holding MW2 back.

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The streamer wouldn’t entirely give up on the game before at least trying out Ground War to get more of the Battlefield-esque experience.

Modern Warfare 2019 introduced Ground War, and the mode instantly became a hit. Heavily inspired by Battlefield’s Conquest, Ground War features 32v32 combat on large-scale maps with flag objectives.

Infinity Ward capitalized on disgruntled Battlefield V fans in 2019 as Ground War enticed some Battlefield players to switch teams. However, shroud’s first impressions tell a different story this time around.

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Battlefield looked down and out for the count, but MW2 stumbling out of the gates may have opened the door for a comeback.