Battlefield 2042 players call for EA boycott after failed refund petition

Battlefield 2042 petition failedEA

Battlefield 2042 players have been demanding refunds since the title’s less-than-stellar release, enough to get over 230,000 signatures on a petition. However, EA has the law on their side.

The petition in question claims that “Battlefield 2042 has cost consumers millions of dollars in damages and upset thousands of customers worldwide” due to being unfinished or borderline unplayable in some cases.

When the Battlefield 2042 petition was posted, the conversation around the game’s launch state was heated. Not only did the game lack polish on a technical level, but players also didn’t like many of the changes to the Battlefield formula implemented in 2042.

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For the over 230,000 people who signed this petition to pursue a refund, it seems that there isn’t a legal avenue for them to get their money back.

Electronic Arts
Battlefield 2042 still has a tall mountain to climb.

Shot down

In an update posted on August 4, 2022, it’s been confirmed that there isn’t any realistic path toward demanding refunds through the legal system. Despite many players feeling cheated and deceived by the product they’ve been sold, EA is “very well protected” by the agreements required to play Battlefield 2042.

So, the Battlefield 2042 petition’s organizer has called for a boycott against all of EA’s titles, not just Battlefield 2042. Their call to action reads as follows:

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“Starting on September 1st, we will boycott EA. Do not play any of their games. Do not purchase any of their games. This boycott should last indefinitely until we get a formal public apology and free EA access for a year.”

Will this boycott do anything?

Battlefield 2042's Exposure map.Electronic Arts
Battlefield 2042’s Exposure map.

Through the controversy, upset Battlefield fans have been flocking to older Battlefield games, with the player counts on Battlefield V, Battlefield 1, and even the almost decade-old Battlefield 4 at times eclipsing that of 2042.

A boycott called #NoApexAugust recently started concerning players’ issues with EA’s Apex Legends. However, that boycott failed spectacularly, and player counts have only gone up since the beginning of August.

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If #NoApexAugust is anything to go off of, a boycott on all EA games will be an uphill battle.