Dr Disrespect uninstalls Modern Warfare 2 in rage after only three days

MW2 character next to Dr DisrespectActivision / YT: Dr Disrespect

YouTube streamer and mustache pioneer Dr Disrespect has uninstalled Modern Warfare 2 just a few days after its launch, losing his temper after a series of questionable spawns.

Dr Disrespect is one of the gaming community’s most prominent creators, regularly attracting thousands of viewers to his YouTube broadcasts thanks to his violence, speed, momentum and acerbic commentaries. 

Having already awarded Modern Warfare 2 a 4.5 out of 10 and describing it as “decent”, he has spent recent livestreams delving deeper into the 2022 title. 

However, a November 2 stream went sideways when a brutal spawn trap saw the Doc uninstall Modern Warfare 2 in typically hilarious circumstances.

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Playing on Mercado Las Almas, one of MW2’s faster-paced environments, the streamer found himself in a frustrating cycle that any CoD player will be familiar with. 

Multiple questionable spawns resulted in a number of quick deaths and, incensed by the developments, Dr Disrespect exited the game and proceeded to uninstall it. 

“That’s all I can handle,” he told TimTheTatman and CouRage. “Yeah, I’m uninstalling the game right now actually. I’m switching over to Overwatch, I’m gonna have some fun. Three days… yeah. That was – I’m good.” 

Timestamp: 6:05:00 

His fellow streamers and viewers found the whole affair very funny, with Jack and Tim commenting that they were surprised he had lasted as long as had before uninstalling Infinity Ward’s 2022 title. 

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The two-time has spoken previously about his issues with MW2, pinpointing skill-based matchmaking and “restrictive” movement as particular issues. 

He actually boasts a background in Call of Duty level design, contributing to Advanced Warfare’s maps as part of Sledgehammer Games’ development team.

While multiple patches and Season One are approaching rapidly, it’s clear that there’s plenty for MW2 to do to get the Doc back on-side.