Shroud reveals his favorite Call of Duty: Modern Warfare mode

Albert Petrosyan
Infinity Ward

It’s no secret that superstar streamer Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek enjoys playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – or, more specifically, his favorite multiplayer mode “Ground War.”

When it comes to Call of Duty titles of recent years, Modern Warfare is, by far, the game that shroud has played the most on stream.

One reason for this is the much-expanded player-base on PC, shroud’s preferred choice of platform, and the fact that cross-play between PC, PS4, and Xbox One was enabled for the first time in the franchise’s history.

Another reason is Ground War, the large and chaotic Domination-type game mode that the former CSGO pro named his favorite thing to play in multiplayer.

“Ground War is just the best, it’s just the best game mode by far,” he said. “That’s it! It’s by far the best game mode.”

Infinity WardGround War offers a lot more than regular multiplayer modes in Modern Warfare, including tanks, larger maps, etc…

Why shroud loves playing Ground War in Modern Warfare

During one of his recent Call of Duty partner Modern Warfare streams, shroud was asked why he doesn’t play any of “normal” multiplayer modes.

“Because Ground War is fun,” he answered simply. “It’s way more enjoyable.”

Shroud isn’t the only one who’s taken a strong liking to Ground War, either: Many of the game’s biggest content creators and pro players favor the mode because of all that it offers, which regular multiplayer doesn’t.

For example, there are way more players to engage (the mode supports up to 64 players), it features vehicles such as tanks, ATVs, and helicopters, the matches tend to last much longer, and you’re spending more time playing rather than waiting in the main menu in between games.

(Ground War half of video begins at 6:23 mark for mobile users)

Shroud has produced several memorable moments in Ground War, including a ridiculous killing spree that saw him activate his human aimbot powers and deliver three long-range headshots within 30 seconds.

Of course, no will ever forget his iconic melee rampage during the Modern Warfare Beta, during which he took down seven enemy players in seven seconds with a combat knife.

Safe to say, there’s a good reason why the Mixer star prefers Ground War, and he makes it look so easy too!

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