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Secret Warzone ‘Bomb Drone’ killstreak discovered

Published: 12/Nov/2020 11:49 Updated: 12/Nov/2020 13:46

by Alex Garton


Attaching C4 to a drone has become a hilarious tactic for Warzone players worldwide. Now, Infinity Ward has combined the two objects into a singular device and added the ‘Bomb Drone’ to the game.

It has become a tradition for Call of Duty players to attach C4 to objects they’re not supposed to. Black Ops players will remember attaching C4 to RCXD’s and causing havoc in multiplayer. Although these tactics cannot be described as optimal, they can certainly be useful to catch an opponent off-guard.

In Warzone, the Recon Drone is the community’s choice of delivery service for C4. The device is capable of accessing areas the RCXD never could. On top of this, the drone is significantly more discreet and can reach players camping on top of buildings.


However, until now, attaching C4 to a Recon Drone was an awkward process. The new ‘Bomb Drone’ killstreak solves that issue completely.

Infinity Ward
The ‘Bomb Drone’ is currently only available in private matches and training.

Where to find the Bomb Drone

A thread posted to the Warzone subreddit has nearly 4,000 upvotes and shows a player using the new ‘Bomb Drone’ killstreak.

The drone was located in a red keycard bunker, in training mode. Players will undoubtedly find some great ways to put the ‘Bomb Drone’ to use.

The bad news, is that both these devices are currently limited to training and private matches. We’ll just have to keep our fingers crossed they’re introduced to the main modes as soon as possible.


Infinity Ward’s choice to take an unintended mechanic and make it part of the game is great to see. It’s not very often developers integrate community discovered tactics directly into a game. Although it may frustrating to die to this device, it looks like a killstreak the Warzone community will get behind.

The ‘Bomb Drone’ isn’t the only new device that’s been added to Warzone. Alongside it came the RCXD which players can obtain by completing the new ‘Detection’ contract.

It’s important to note that neither of these devices were recorded on the official patch notes. This is no doubt so players can discover the devices themselves without patch notes spoiling the surprise.