Warzone 2 expert explains why suppressors are “useless” after secret update

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Warzone 2 added a secret update that affected suppressors which has the potential to shake up the battle royale’s meta.

Modern Warfare 2 reinvented how the mini-map functions. In previous CoD titles, using a suppressor on a weapon would remove you from the map when firing. MW2 did away with all red dots on the mini-map, whether the player is using a suppressed weapon or not.

Community members slammed the decision to remove red dots from the mini-map and demanded a change. A UAV bypasses everything and displays red dots on the mini-map. The Ghost perk is intended to hide players from UAVs, but a bug prevented the perk from working correctly, which drove community members mad.

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Amidst a wave of backlash, the developers doubled down on their decision to remove red dots. Unbeknownst to players, the developers also removed red dots from Warzone 2’s compass without explicitly communicating the change. CoD YouTuber WhosImmortal explained how the decision impacts building loadouts.

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Modern Warfare 2’s mini-map changes had a wide-sweeping impact.

WhosImmortal warns players about suppressors after Warzone 2 update

Suppressors lost their luster after the Modern Warfare 2 mini-map update. The attachment is designed to hide players while firing but no longer fulfills that duty. In Warzone 2, suppressors suffer a similar fate as UAVs reveal enemies whether they have a suppressor equipped or not.

At the launch of WZ2, suppressors hid you from the compass at the top of the screen while firing, but WhosImmortal claimed a stealth update removed all red dots from the compass.

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Suppressors have the added bonus of improving damage range, recoil control, and bullet velocity, but WhosImmortal argued, “for mid-range and close-range, where velocity and accuracy isn’t always a huge deal, I feel like this update has made suppressors completely useless.”

While editing a pistol or SMG loadout, the YouTuber recommended dropping a suppressor and replacing it with an attachment that improves ADS speed, mobility, or ammo capacity.

“The suppressors previously were able to keep you off the compass, but now it doesn’t really matter, so you might as well make the most of your close-range guns.”

WhosImmortal still believes suppressors are viable for long-range weapons but urged players to think twice before building a loadout.

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