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Call of Duty

Secret changes in Warzone update: drop weapons, bounty contracts, more

Published: 29/Apr/2020 18:24

by Daniel Cleary


Call of Duty fans have discovered some changes in Warzone following the April 28 update – but some of them were surprisingly left out of the patch notes. Here are all the unannounced changes that have been found so far.

Warzone’s latest patch on April 28 has brought around many changes for fans to experience such as a new contract, new gunsmith customs, and more.

However, after logging to play the newly-updated Warzone, players noticed that there were some adjustments that had not been listed in the latest set of patch notes.

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Drop weapons in Warzone

Among those hidden changes was a feature that many fans have been demanding since the release of Warzone on March 10 – the ability to freely drop weapons for teammates from the inventory tab.


Previously, Warzone players would need to find another gun on the floor to trade in its place when sharing weapons with a teammate, making it much more awkward to share loot with your squad.

The weapon drop feature is now available for all players to take advantage of, despite the fact Infinity Ward left it as a surprise by omitting the change from the patch notes.

JustLawlyTTV, YouTube
The ‘drop weapon’ feature is now available in Warzone.

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Bounty Contract changes

Warzone’s latest update saw the addition of a brand new contract, ‘Most Wanted’, which, opposed to the BR’s original bounty contract, allows players to put a bounty on their own heads to revive their teammates.


This change has come at the cost of the previous bounty contracts, outside of the solo playlist, however, as Warzone fans have noticed that the former bounty contracts are nowhere to be found in-game.

The change was not received as positively as the weapon drop feature was, unfortunately, with popular streamers such as Ninja and TeePee voicing their disappointment with the former contract’s removal.

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Warzone Access Cards

Infinity Ward has also seemingly teased some future changes to Warzone, as players have been finding new “access cards” following the latest update.

While it is unclear what these access cards have any current use, some have suggested that they may be linked to some of the locked bunkers that can be found in Verdansk.


u/Fidelsanfilippo, Reddit
Players have found strange Access Cards in Warzone.

These are all of the secret changes that have been found so far in Warzone, but as it is still early following the latest patch we will be sure to update with any new discoveries.

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