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Clever Modern Warfare perk concept makes Warzone loadouts even stronger

Published: 29/Apr/2020 11:38 Updated: 29/Apr/2020 11:53

by Andy Williams


Sometimes the ideal weapon blueprint for Warzone is just one attachment short of being perfect, and this Modern Warfare perk concept would be the best solution.

Modern Warfare’s weapon blueprints provide players with the best way of taking their favorite weapon into the battlefield.

Aside from sporting an exclusive skin, a blueprint grants players a great starting point for optimizing their weapon in the Gunsmith.

Hammer blueprint in Modern Warfare.
Players playing since Season One will have likely racked up a ton of blueprints.

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Following the addition of ‘Gunsmith Customs’ – which grants players the options to mix and match their favorite blueprints – weapon customization has never been so easy. But what if you need that one additional attachment slot to make the perfect iteration of your gun?


Well one savvy Redditor has come up with the concept of ‘6th Sense’ — a perk which grants players a sixth attachment slot on their favorite weapon by sacrificing their first perk slot.

So instead of wondering whether or not you should surrender your Optic for Stock, you’d simply just sacrifice your first perk instead.

Perk concept for Modern Warfare.
Activision / struggi123 (Reddit)
Could 6th Sense be the answer to your Warzone weapon woes?

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While on paper this is a neat solution, the first perk slot is stacked. With the likes of Quick Fix, Cold-Blooded and E.O.D. on the table, it would be tough to leave one of these behind in your Custom Loadout.


That’s why one user suggested that it’d be perhaps best suited to the third perk slot, where those perks could arguably be seen as less of a necessity and more of a luxury in Verdansk.

Weapon blueprint in Modern Warfare.
Activision / struggi123 (Reddit)
Would you exchange a perk for an additional weapon attachment slot?

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Although, a heads-up observation from another user pointed out that it should occupy the second perk slot, so it would compete with Overkill (which grants players a secondary primary weapon) and Ghost, which has been proven to be pretty broken in Warzone.

So then the toss-up would be to go all-in with one weapon, or simply take two regular weapons in your Custom Loadout without having the additional attachment slot.