Modern Warfare dev confirms akimbo & RPG changes coming to Warzone

Infinity Ward

Infinity Ward developer Joe Cecot has revealed that they will soon be making changes to the controversial akimbo snake-shot pistols and RPGs in Modern Warfare and Warzone.

The akimbo snake shot 357s have become extremely popular in Modern Warfare, with many players taking advantage of weapons in their loadouts for its aggressive playstyle.

As the akimbo weapons offer massive burst damage at close to medium range, it has become incredibly hard to counter and many have called for the weapons to be nerfed in recent weeks.

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Infinity Ward
Infinity Ward has confirmed nerfs are coming to the controversial 357 snake shot pistols.

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Ahead of Modern Warfare’s April 28 update, Infinity Ward design director Joe Cecot revealed that, although they did not have a nerf ready for the new patch, there would be changes made to the snake shots at a later date.

“We are working on an adjustment for akimbo snake-shots in a smaller update,” he revealed, confirming that a nerf was coming for the infamous weapons. 

He also revealed that the next major update would also introduce some changes to RPG launchers for Multiplayer and Warzone, adding, “RPGs are also getting a tuning pass in the next big update to come later on.”

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This will likely come as a relief to many CoD fans that have encountered the akimbo snake shots recently, giving those who abuse it less of an advantage on unsuspecting players.

Many players have been sharing clips of just how powerful the akimbo’s can be in recent days with one player u/ssieK bursting multiple teams down with to close out a high-kill warzone game.

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The update could not come soon enough as a YouTuber has also uncovered an infinite ammo glitch with the akimbo perk, potentially making the weapons even more effective in-game.

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As of now, Infinity ward has not released a date for this smaller update that will be affecting the akimbo pistols, however, with new patches being released every few weeks it is unlikely to take too long.

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