Scump reveals his favorite CoD: Warzone drop zone

Isaac McIntyre

Call of Duty pro Seth ‘Scump’ Abner has revealed one of his top picks among the dozens of named Warzone drop zones, with the Huntsmen star admitting he prioritizes “early action” and lots of loot when he starts a match.

There’s plenty of great places to drop on Warzone’s mega-sized battle royale map Verdansk. In fact, there are 20 points of interest. That can leave a lot of decision making for players looking to earn their first win in the 150-player mode.

Luckily, the King is here to help. The Huntsmen star has been “loving” Warzone since it was released to the world on March 12. He’s already played it enough ⁠— between CDL scrims, he said ⁠— that he knows right where he wants to drop.

There's plenty of points of interest across Warzone's mega-map, but where's the best place to drop? Scump has the answers.
There’s plenty of points of interest across Warzone’s mega-map, but where’s the best place to drop?

Best Warzone drop? Scump says BCH TV Station

According to Scump, one of the best places to drop in the game is TV Station. Situated right near the center of Verdansk, the BCH-owned broadcasting hall is “one of [his] clear favorites,” as long as the closing gas circle is “in the right place.”

As well as the fact the central location is “a very, very hot drop.” That means there’s plenty of opponents to “dome” right off the bat. It also means there’s a hefty helping of loot, Scump added. If you play it right, you can emerge well-armed, and with a few kills to boot — everything you need to gun for a Warzone Victory.

“There’s a lot of loot there in a close proximity. I like to play for a lot of kills as well,” the CDL star explained in his first YouTube upload in more than two months. “There’s good loot ⁠— not the best loot, mind you, but good loot… and lots of it.”

There’s also one thing to remember, he added: not everyone has the skills of a world champ. That means you have to be careful storming into TV Station. “There’s a lot of action” so it always pays “to be careful… there are always people there,” he said.

For mobile readers, the related segment begins at 2:03 in the video below.

Scump may be a big advocate for TV Station, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only option in the battle royale either. You may not be looking for action and firefights right off the bat. That is okay too ⁠— there are 19 other named locations.

Looking for some of the other best places to drop? There’s the International Airport, with its huge spread of loot and cover, or Military Base, which boasts plenty of vehicles, and plenty more in our best Warzone landing spots guide.