Warzone pro shows off insane loot cache rotation for quick cash & equipment

Jacob Hale
Warzone loot cache

When you land into Urzikstan, whether it be out of the plane or in the mid-game, your focus is likely going to be on collecting money and finding the best floor loot weapons. That’s where Warzone’s loot caches can come in incredibly useful.

Loot caches were introduced to the Call of Duty battle royale in Al Mazrah when Warzone 2 first launched, with players able to quickly pop them open to pick up cash and high-tier floor loot weapons, among other things, offering a lifeline if you ever found yourself in a precarious position.

They have been carried over into Urzikstan and with the Modern Warfare 3 integration into Warzone, and as with Al Mazrah, there are some great rotations you can make between loot caches that are close to one another to easily get your game going.

While there are several high-density loot cache spots scattered around Urzikstan, Warzone pro Warsz has shown off one that is centrally located, so should be available very often, with three caches that also lead straight on to a regular Buy Station spawn.

Warsz reveals great loot cache rotation

As shown off by Warsz here, you can land on the side of the river between Old Town and Zaravan Suburbs to find one loot cache, before heading slightly south for another, then a little more southeast for a third and final loot cache.

This should leave you in the vicinity of at least one nearby Buy Station, though you can also find Loadout Drop Markers and Portable Buy Stations in these caches, which would make things even easier.

Obviously, this might not always be possible to complete, especially if other players have opened the cache or the circle won’t allow it, but more often than not, this could be a serious game-changer for you.