CoD legend Scump admits he’s “addicted” to Apex Legends and wants to hit Predator rank

Calum Patterson
scump apex stream

Seth ‘Scump’ Abner, one of the greatest Call of Duty pro players of all time, has been grinding Apex Legends since his retirement from pro play, and now wants to reach the highest rank in the game.

Scump competed in CoD for over 12 years, winning 30 tier 1 events, including the World Championship in 2017, before announcing his retirement ahead of the 2023 CDL Season.

Throughout his time competing, he always proved his prowess in other shooters too, such as Valorant and CS:GO.

Since retiring, he has stuck mostly to Valorant, but he is now switching his attention to Apex, where he is also using a controller again, just like in his CoD days. Now, he wants to hit the highest rank.

Scump wants to go from “wood to pred” in Apex

Jumping into Apex, along with former OpTic Gaming teammate Damon ‘Karma’ Barlow, Scump titled his stream “wood to pred” – as he aims to go all the way from the rookie rank to the highest possible.

Reaching Predator is no easy feat, though, and is reserved for the game’s very best rank grinders and pro players. On top of that, Scump only has less than a month before Season 18 of Apex – when all ranks will be reset.

Scump posted a clip of his skills in action on Twitter, confirming also that he is fully “addicted” to grinding Apex.

It’s clear that his aim from his years playing CoD hasn’t deserted him yet, as he lasers down a whole team while barely missing a shot.

In another clip, he shows off a ‘one-clip’ kill – taking out a fully armored opponent without needing a reload.

Some fans in the comments urged him to “go pro in Apex” – and few would doubt his ability to do so, but Scump may not be keen to return to the grind of professional esports so soon after his CoD retirement.

And, as many pro players will attest, good aim will only get you so far in Apex. To reach the predator rank, Scump will need to also master movement, looting and legend abilities, if he is to stand a chance in the higher ranks.

For now, though, fans of Scump and Respawn’s battle royale can enjoy his streams as he attempts to learn the game and reach the highest possible rank.