Dr Disrespect lays out what Warzone needs to stay on top

Dr Disrespect has outlined what Warzone needs to do next to keep momentumTwitch: Dr Disrespect / Infinity Ward

Dr Disrespect has laid out what Infinity Ward needs to do next to keep Warzone “rolling on” past the initial hype of the battle royale’s mega-launch, from adding new limited-time modes, to tweaking the map and gun meta.

Warzone’s long-awaited launch was huge. Over 30 million eager players poured into Infinity Ward’s battle royale over the past fortnight. There can be no denying the new playlist landed with a bang ⁠— but can it keep momentum?

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According to the Doc, of course it can. The groundwork is there, and it certainly boasts enough fans. It’s just up to the devs to navigate the ‘post-honeymoon phase.’ Luckily, the Two-Time shared tips on how they could do just that.

Dr Disrespect said he's keen to see Warzone keep Dr Disrespect
Dr Disrespect said he’s keen to see Warzone keep “rolling on” with new changes.

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The “phase of excitement” that comes with any new release is basically dwindling away now, the Doc said during his March 25 stream. The key now, as the game begins to “flatline,” is to look to the future: maps, skins, LTMs, and more.

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“This new experience is kind of flatlining a bit now,” he admitted, but said there is plenty both fans and devs can do to keep Warzone fresh. For players, it now means “perfecting rotations and drops… finding out what the meta is.”

There’s plenty the devs can do too, the Twitch star continued. “From a developer standpoint, [they can] continuously add new content: skins, map changes, limited-time modes, etc. They have to keep it rolling on, baby.”

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Dr Disrespect was fairly upbeat about the future of Warzone, but he did admit there were a few things that could lead to “early fatigue” as well.

The main thing is events, he said. A week ago, Crimsix, Clayster & TeePee won the $50k Code Green comp. Days later, JoshOG’s squad went back to back in a 100 Thieves-hosted tourney and KEEMSTAR’s Warzone Wednesday.

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Now, Twitch Rivals is on too. The Doc can’t complain too much, he said, considering he’s “in basically every one” of the events so far. But he does feel like a tournament overload could be bad for Warzone heading into the future.

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“I think what’s really going to kill the momentum is there’s so many tourneys… but all these tournaments could fatigue the game at a faster rate. Maybe I could be wrong,” he said. He added “a few a week” would probably be fine.

Despite those worries, the Doc does seem to be keen to see where Warzone’s huge potential leads. He’s had a few outbursts here and there, yes, but he does still seem to hold the same feelings he had at launch ⁠— he’s loving it.

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Now it’s just a question of where Infinity Ward takes the CoD BR next. They’re already adding four new guns ⁠next patch, so it looks like they and the Two-Time may be on the same page about what Warzone needs to “keep rolling on.”

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