Scump confirms his Call of Duty Operator was axed amid NICKMERCS skin drama

Josh Taylor
Scump Twitch stream adressing him having a Call of Duty skin in Modern Warfare 2Scump / Twitch

Call of Duty legend Seth ‘Scump’ Abner has confirmed that Activision were supposed to have given him his own Operator in Warzone and Modern Warfare 2, as fans blame the NICKMERCS skin controversy for it no longer going ahead.

Despite TimTheTatman and NICKMERCS making history for being the first creators to have their own Operator skins in CoD, they may have been the last.

NICKMERCS faced a wave of backlash which sent the internet into a frenzy after his controversial pride comments, which soon led to both him and TimTheTatman’s Operators being removed indefinitely from Warzone and MW2.

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Aside from this, vast amounts of CoD players and creators, such as Dr Disrespect, heavily criticized Activision for not making Scump the first skin, who had continued to be the face of CoD.

Now, as MW3 is in full swing and the start of the CDL is imminent, Scump has revealed during his Twitch broadcast on December 4, 2023, that he was meant to have his own CoD Operator last year.

Scump reveals Activsion were giving him his own CoD skin

As the CoD legend was signing off from his Twitch stream for the day, he adressed the situation by answering a final message from his live chat.

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Scump read outloud: “The Doc is right you should have had a skin in CoD a long time ago,” as he then responded: “I mean again, we were supposed to have one, we were supposed to have one last year.”

As the clip soon spread across socials, many fans expressed their frustrations. “I speak for everyone when I say that wouldve been the highest selling skin in activision history,” a fan claimed.

Many proceeded to blame Activision, as well as TimTheTatman and NICKMERCS surrounding their Warzone skin drama for it not being released in MW2.

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“Nick and Tim ruined it, but it’s also on Activision for granting it to those two dumbasses who don’t even play the game,” one responded. As another said: “Nick’s mild take ruined it for everyone else.”

Various CoD players also suggested that the Operator skin released for CDL Champs 2023, which at the time fans heavily linked to Scump due to him being known as “The King,” was indeed the alleged skin.

Whether or not CoD’s most popular creator will ever get an Operator skin in MW3 or future games by Activision remains to be unknown, but given his unwavering dominance in the COD space, he should be the first port of call should they decide to bring creator Operator skins back.

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