Scump explains why he “hates” the CDL format

Jacob Hale. Last updated: Apr 15, 2021
scump playing for optic chicago at cdl lan

Following their heartbreaking loss in the Stage 2 Major, OpTic Chicago’s Seth ‘Scump’ Abner has said that he hates the current Call of Duty League format.

As it stands, CDL game weeks are spread over multiple days. For regular season matches, they take place from Thursday to Sunday, while Majors see games take place from Wednesday to Sunday.

Fans are somewhat divided about the format, wanting to see more than two or three matches per day, and it appears players might be feeling the same way.

While the current format is slightly different to that of the 2020 season, including Majors as bigger events more akin to the old CWL tournaments, Scump still isn’t a fan.

OpTic Dashy playing on LAN
Dashy and the rest of the OpTic players agreed that something needs changing with the format.

During the OpTic podcast after the Stage 2 Major, the team ended up discussing their performance, the surprise winners in Toronto Ultra, and, ultimately, why the format just doesn’t work for them.

“The CDL format sucks, I hate that sh*t,” Scump said. “They just need to condense it. I don’t know why it’s four days a week. I don’t know why the Major is five days.”

Teammate Brandon ‘Dashy’ Otell agreed with Scump, saying: “I don’t like playing one match a day. Think about it from FaZe’s standpoint. They won the Winners Finals and then sat there cold, watching a team win two series before.”

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The point is reiterated further by Dylan ‘Envoy’ Hannon, who said: “By the time we’re done scrimming, the matches are already over. The other day, it was two 3-0s and it was a two-hour stream. It’s two hours of CoD, you can’t even get into it.”

This is something that fans have complained about with the current scheduling, with not enough matches to really sit down and get into.

Additionally, CEO Hector ‘H3CZ’ Rodriguez said that “You need to be invested in the entire tournament and the path to the championship, as opposed to watching one hour of CoD.” That, in itself, seems to be where much of the problem lies.