Call of Duty League 2021 Power Rankings after Stage 4 Major | Reverse Sweep
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Call of Duty League 2021 Power Rankings after Stage 4 Major | Reverse Sweep

Published: 23/Jun/2021 3:00 Updated: 23/Jun/2021 4:45

by Jacob Hale


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Stage 4 of the 2021 CDL season is officially over, with Atlanta FaZe taking down Dallas Empire in the Stage 4 Major grand final, a tense 5-4 scoreline separating the two. With that, our power rankings have seen some significant changes too.

Each week, the Reverse Sweep hosts Katie Bedford, Jonathan ‘Pacman’ Tucker and Ian ‘Enable’ Wyatt analyze the results from the latest set of CDL matches and come up with their updated power rankings.

With Dallas’ Empire surprise run through the Major, which saw them beat the likes of New York Subliners, Toronto Ultra and OpTic Chicago, they’ve moved up a bit.


Here’s how the new power rankings look.

CDL power rankings after Stage 4 Major

CDL Stage 4 Major power rankings
CDL Stage 4 Major power rankings.

There’s been a fair bit of movement off the back of the Major. Subliners suffered in the absence of Asim, forced to play with a substitute player in Jacob ‘Decemate’ Cato, while Dallas move up once again.

On the other side of the table, London Royal Ravens and Paris Legion find themselves moving down once again, with Europe not being brilliantly represented.

12. London Royal Ravens (-3)

London Royal Ravens CDL victory
Call of Duty League
The Royal Ravens have shown flickers of hope, but it’s all been for nothing.

After several weeks out of the spot in dead last, the London Royal Ravens find themselves anchoring the rankings once again. A swift 3-1 loss to Seattle Surge in the opening round of the Major is about as bad as it could have gone.


Enable: “I feel like all of their progress was just wiped away. They’re somehow worse than LA Guerrillas.”

11. LA Guerrillas (+1)

Cheen dropped LA Guerrillas Apathy
Call of Duty League
Cheen has since been dropped by LA Guerrillas.

LA Guerrillas have dropped Cheen for Academy player Billy ‘MentaL’ Putnam since the Major concluded, but they didn’t actually have an awful tournament. They beat LA Thieves in 3-2 fashion but were then swiftly dropped by Florida Mutineers. They move up, but only just.

Pacman: “They beat LAT, but we all know how that happened. Their Hardpoint is just horrendous… LAG doesn’t have anywhere to go.”

10. LA Thieves (-)

Huke LA Thieves
YouTube: LA Thieves
Huke was out of action at the Stage 4 Major.

This ‘proven LAN team’ didn’t do much at the Major. They had to bring in substitute Zack ‘Drazah’ Jordan to replace Cuyler ‘Huke’ Garland, who misspelled his own name and missed out. They were beaten 3-2 by a pretty unimpressive LA Guerrillas side.


Enable: “It sucks because they’ve had a really tough year. You could almost use this LAN as a silver lining… and then Cuyler can’t even play.”

9. Paris Legion (-2)

Paris Legion CDL 2020
Paris Legion need to start stringing together some wins.

Paris Legion were dropped in a 3-0 squashing at the hands of Seattle Surge at the Major. It was a seriously poor outing for this squad, who drop two spots as a result.

Pacman: “Paris just fell so flat. It sucks because they were the best-looking of the bottom teams. They were consistently competing. Then they get 3-0’d and they did not play well.”

8. Seattle Surge (+3) — Kontrol Freek Biggest Mover

Reverse Sweep Kontrol Freek biggest mover CDL

Octane Seattle Surge sad CDL
Octane and the Surge have struggled since the CDL’s first season, but looked much better at the Major.

Seattle had a pretty strong showing at the Stage 4 Major and their return to LAN. They took down London and Paris and even pushed OpTic Chicago to a game five, almost finding themselves in the top six against an up-and-down ROKKR side. That’s what makes them this week’s Kontrol Freek Biggest Mover.


Enable: “I’m not really surprised that they won those two series’, but I think maybe they’re finally starting to be able to close out games.”

7. Florida Mutineers (-1)

Havok Florida Mutineers player CDL
Call of Duty League
They’ve slowed down but Florida Mutineers are still a top side.

The Mutineers will be seriously upset with this performance. They seemed to pick up steam throughout Stage 4 and, despite a Team of the Week-worthy performance from Neptune, failed to progress past New York Subliners, finishing in 7-8th place.

Pacman: “They were a complete dud. They were trending up, close to making winners, we always talk about how great their ARs are. But the team itself took a huge step back.”

6. Minnesota RØKKR (+2)

Minnesota rokkr v seattle surge cdl
RØKKR have slowed down, but they’re not completely out and are still showing signs of life.

The RØKKR performed better than many expected at the Stage 4 Major. They beat the New York Subliners and had some good maps, only stopped by Atlanta FaZe and OpTic Chicago.


Enable: “They might not have those crazy series’, but they’re going to beat the teams they’re supposed to beat. If they go up against top teams, they might get body bagged.”

5. OpTic Chicago (-1)

scump and dashy optic chicago
Call of Duty League
Scump was on fire at the Stage 4 Major.

OpTic really looked like they were ready to do something by the final day of the tournament. That fell apart quickly though and despite victory over Seattle and Minnesota, looked completely lost on the map when facing top-level opposition in Dallas Empire.

Enable: “Honestly, they just can’t beat the best teams. They can beat all the bad teams, but when they play FaZe, Toronto or I guess Dallas now, they just crumble.”

4. New York Subliners (-1)

Clayster NYSL
New York Subliners
New York look good, but can they do enough to win a Major?

New York Subliners pulled the short straw, with Asim unable to make it to the LAN over visa issues, but still didn’t look completely off the pace. With their actual starting roster, they could’ve been a scary team this time around.

Pacman: “I’m not going to fault them for anything that happened at the Major, but New York’s a team that could easily fight their way up these power rankings.”

3. Dallas Empire (+2)

Dallas Empire Crimsix CDL
Crimsix almost led his team to glory again in the Stage 4 Major.

Dallas came out swinging at the Major, easily sweeping aside OpTic Chicago and going to two game fives against Toronto Ultra. They won when it counted though, and almost won the entire thing when they went to a game 9, round 10 against Atlanta FaZe.

Enable: “They looked fantastic! I was saying that they were not a good team… but then they go to this Major, and they made a run. They showed that they can easily be a contender moving forward.”

2. Toronto Ultra (-)

bance toronto ultra cdl
Toronto have firmly cemented themselves as a top team.

While Toronto came third for the second consecutive Major, they didn’t look like they had gotten worse. The loss to Dallas was incredibly close and, had that match played out again, could have easily finished 3-1 without some serious Shotzzy heroics.

Pacman: “They got 3rd place, but they’re also a kill away from getting 2nd place. They lost to Dallas by one round of S&D. You don’t get moved down for that because they’ve been so consistent for three stages.”

1. Atlanta FaZe (-)

Simp playing in the Call of Duty League
Call of Duty League
Atlanta FaZe are undoubtedly the best team in the CDL.

The word dynasty can sometimes be bandied about too much in CoD esports, but Atlanta FaZe are well on their way to becoming one. They’ve now won three of the four Majors that have taken place and, most of the time, look head and shoulders above their competition.

Enable: “They’re like playing the final boss on expert mode. You mess up, they’re going to capitalize.”

So, those are the Reverse Sweep CDL power rankings following the Stage 4 Major.

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