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Call of Duty League 2021 Power Rankings after CDL Super Week

Published: 1/Mar/2021 12:09 Updated: 1/Mar/2021 12:25

by Jacob Hale


The CDL Super Week has officially finished, with seven straight days of COD League action ahead of the most important event of the year so far: the Stage 1 Major.

This past week, we’ve seen some teams reaffirm their status as the best in the game, while others saw a major drop in performance.


With the lay of the land starting to become a bit more clear now — albeit, with a number of surprise upsets along the way — here are our CDL power rankings ahead of the Stage 1 Major.

12. London Royal Ravens (-2)

London Royal Ravens Dylan CDL 2021
Call of Duty League
The Ravens have failed to register a single win so far.

It’s fair to say that the Ravens have had perhaps the worst start imaginable. Although they’ve shown signs of promise, a 0-5 start can not be looked at in a positive light.


While Chris ‘Parasite’ Duarte hasn’t been the issue for the team, they will be looking to bring Trei ‘Zer0’ Morris out to the U.S. as soon as possible to have the team that was originally planned. Will this be the key to getting back to winning ways? Only time will tell.

11. Seattle Surge (-2)

octane seattle surge
Call of Duty League
Can Octane inspire Seattle to get some wins under their belt?

Once again, Seattle find themselves scraping the bottom of the CDL power rankings, saved only by the fact that their lone win came against a winless London side.


While their performances haven’t been completely abysmal, and there’s certainly some promise shown, they’re still struggling to showcase why, individually, they’re recognized as some of CoD’s best players right now.

10. Los Angeles Guerrillas (+1)

la guerrillas 2021 cdl roster
LA Guerrillas
The LA Guerrillas will be hoping to find some form soon.

In a whirlwind week full of surprises and scrapped Pick’ems, Guerrillas didn’t really stray too much from expectation.


A win over Toronto was definitely unexpected, although Toronto simply didn’t look up to their Opening Weekend standard during Super Week. The Guerrillas deserve to see their ranking go up, but they’ll have to do a lot more to prove they’re better than this bottom rung of teams.

9. Florida Mutineers (-2)

Slacked Florida Mutineers CDL 2021
Call of Duty League
Mutineers definitely fell off during Super Week — but the potential is still there.

Expectations were high for Florida before the season began, and we won’t be surprised to see them coming out swinging sooner rather than later. But, right now, the results just aren’t there.


The Mutineers looked pretty average during Super Week, only managing a win against the Guerrillas. They also got obliterated by Atlanta FaZe, OpTic Chicago and Paris Legion, proving that they’re not championship contenders right now.

8. Toronto Ultra (-2)

Cammy Toronto Ultra CDL
Call of Duty League
Toronto Ultra failed to keep up their Opening Weekend performances.

Considering how strong Toronto looked in the Opening Weekend, with star performances from the likes of Cameron ‘Cammy’ McKilligan and Tobias “CleanX” Juul Jønsson, the Super Week wasn’t one to write home about.

In short, they looked lost most of the time. Although two of their losses were to FaZe and OpTic, they were also seen off by Guerrillas and Paris Legion, who were both ranked lower than them previously.

7. Paris Legion (+5)

Paris Legion team 2021 CDL skrapz classic aqua fire
Paris Legion
Paris Legion have had a great Super Week, and silenced their doubters for now.

In perhaps the biggest swing we’ve seen all season, this Legion side looked like a serious squad during the CDL Super Week. We’ll see over time whether this is deserved, but they looked incredible.

They swept the Mutineers in convincing fashion, beat Toronto Ultra and even pushed FaZe to a game 5 — from which a win would have perhaps been the biggest upset of the entire season. Considering the qualms over this roster prior to season starting, they’re proving Paris put together a team with real potential.

6. Minnesota RØKKR (-1)

CDL 2021 Minnesota ROKKR roster

Analysts and fans alike have been very complimentary of this team, which seems to play Call of Duty, at its core, almost perfectly. With their only wins this week against Seattle and London, Minnesota didn’t put themselves in the perfect situation.

Their 3-0 win over Surge wasn’t exactly a blowout, but their loss to Subliners was. They managed just 82 points in the opening Hardpoint map and 0 rounds in Search & Destroy — not a great look for a team with so much hype.

5. New York Subliners (+3)

Asim New York Subliners CDL 2021
Call of Duty League
Asim put in an MVP performance during Super Week.

Any growing pains that NYSL showed in Opening Weekend seemed alleviated by Super Week, bolstered by insane individual performances from each player at one point or another.

They thoroughly decimated RØKKR, and almost swept Dallas Empire 3-0 if not for a near-unfathomable collapse in the third map of their series. Once they iron out their issues, we won’t be surprised to see James ‘Clayster’ Eubanks once again at the top of Call of Duty.

4. Los Angeles Thieves (-)

Kenny LA Thieves CDL 2021
Call of Duty League
Kenny is back under the Thieves banner and frying once again.

The Thieves looked at times like they weren’t quite the powerhouse fans want and expect to see. They had the chance to prove themselves against a Dallas Empire side that looked beatable in the final match of the week, but lost 3-0.

Sure, there’s no shame in losing to the reigning world champions — but you would want to see more of a fight put up. This will be what separates LA Thieves from championship glory, and they’ll want to figure out how to beat the very best teams.

3. OpTic Chicago (-)

scump and dashy optic chicago cdl 2021
Call of Duty League
OpTic definitely have the potential to be the best team in the game.

OpTic have only lost one game so far, to an incredible FaZe side, so deciding whether they should break the top two is a tough one.

That said, their Super Week schedule was relatively easy, taking out Ultra, Guerrillas and Mutineers to maintain a 4-1 record. For the Greenwall, the Stage 1 Major will be the real turning point.

2. Dallas Empire (-)

Dallas Empire Huke CDL 2021
Dallas Empire
Huke has been a maestro to start the 2021 season.

Dallas’ Week 1 loss to Minnesota RØKKR was a strange one, and doesn’t seem indicative of their actual ability.

They proved they’re a top side with their reverse sweep of Subliners and convincing 3-0 victory over LA Thieves. That said, they’ll have to work to stay ahead of OpTic over the next few weeks — it’s incredibly close.

1. Atlanta FaZe (-)

Simp Atlanta FaZe CDL 2021
Call of Duty League
Atlanta maintain their number one spot.

While it didn’t always look sunshine and rainbows, Atlanta go into the Stage 1 Major as the only unbeaten team in the league, retaining their top spot.

There was concern over the side’s close 3-2 win over Paris Legion, which could arguably have gone either way, but they got the result and ultimately proved they deserve to be number one.

These power rankings will showcase which teams to look out for heading into the Stage 1 Major, but expect to see a fair bit of movement following it.

If this season so far has proven one thing, it’s that literally anything can happen — and the Major should be no exception. This is the time for teams to prove themselves and push towards putting their name in the history books.

The question is, who’s up for the challenge?

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