Scump calls for CDL to revert to CWL format after winning $500K Major 1

Jaret Kappelman
Scump calls for CDL to revert to CWL format after winning $500K Major 1

Call of Duty legend Seth ‘Scump’ Abner is calling for the CDL to change back to a popular format the CWL used in Grand Finals, despite winning the $500K Major 1.

With OpTic Texas’ win at Major 1, Scump picked up his 30 pro championship in 10 different CoD titles.

The team dominated the event as they went the entire bracket stage without dropping a single series, but they saw no reward in the finals for accomplishing that feat.

OpTic’s only advantage for coming from the upper bracket was a map veto, and now the King is begging the CDL to use the popular CWL format for finals.

Scump wants Best-of-5 Finals in CDL

In his first stream since winning Major 1, Scump watched the team’s road to the championship. When a fan asked him about the finals format and having no advantage over FaZe, the GOAT didn’t hold back.

“I feel like there has to be some sort of advantage [in finals]… One veto, that’s all we get. There’s literally – there’s almost no advantage.” Scump doesn’t understand how the CDL thinks having one map veto when you play nine of the 10 in a series is considered an advantage.

This is why Scump, alongside others, wants to see the CDL adopt the CWL format, which saw the finals as a Best-of-5 – but the team from Loser’s Bracket had to win twice to become champions.

“The team that comes from Winner’s Bracket should have to be eliminated twice. If we would have lost, we would have lost one series, technically.” He added that he would love to see the Bo5 format return and that “a lot of people want it to be two Best-of-5s, too.”

It’s the third year of the CDL, and with the season already off and rolling it would be shocking to see a format change midyear. But the pros seem adamant on making this problem heard.

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