Scump responds as OpTic CDL roster carnage continues: “You guys think I wanted this?”

Scump on OpTic Texas next to Dashy on OpTic Gaming holding trophyMLG / CDL

Call of Duty legend Seth ‘Scump’ Abner has responded to OpTic Texas fans asking about Brandon ‘Dashy’ Otell, asking whether they really think this is what he wanted. 

The Modern Warfare 2 Call of Duty League Season is now underway. Major 1 wrapped back on December 18, with the New York Subliners making an unlikely run to beat Seattle Surge in the Grand Finals and take home $200,000. 

For fan favorites OpTic Texas, it was a disappointing start to Scump’s farewell campaign. They placed top 12, were eliminated by Florida Mutineers, and failed to make the tournament’s Saturday, never mind Championship Sunday. 

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In the aftermath, roster changes have been circling a number of CDL teams, with OpTic no exception. Rumors both Dashy and iLLeY had been dropped soon changed to just Dashy, with OpTic reportedly struggling to bring in their desired replacements. 

During a December 28 live stream, Scump addressed the ongoing roster carnage. 

Scump responds amid OpTic Texas roster confusion

He seemingly confirmed that Dashy will no longer be part of the roster, but did not delve deeper into who may be coming to replace him.

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When his Twitch chat were repeatedly asking about Dashy (affectionately known in the CoD scene as ‘Bruce’), Scump replied. 

“For all you guys saying what about Bruce,” he said. “Dude, do you guys think that I wanted this? Are you guys f**king? Do you guys not understand? It’s my last year. You really think I want this sh*t?”

He continued: “Come on. Jesus. Use your heads here a little bit. You keep saying yes, you gotta be off your f**king minds.”

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Despite Major II now approaching – with qualifiers beginning on January 13 – OpTic’s roster changes remain opaque. 

There have been rumors that Huke will replace Dashy, but these remain unconfirmed for now. We will of course update you as soon as the Greenwall’s roster is set in stone.

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