Scump reveals he had to turn down lucrative Super Bowl opportunity due to CDL commitments

Scump in a CDL matchCall of Duty League

Former pro Call of Duty Seth “Scump” Abner revealed on Twitch that he had to pass up a lucrative Super Bowl brand deal just weeks before his sudden CDL retirement.

Scump is one of Call of Duty’s biggest names, and biggest winners. Racking up multiple Major and Championship trophies, and a thriving community around his Youtube channel and Twitch streams, he’s grown into the scene’s biggest star. So when Scump announced his retirement months earlier than expected, the CoD community paid their tributes to one of its legends. 

However, it appears his early retirement was admittedly just a little too late as the esports legend just revealed a massive opportunity he missed out on. Given his commitment to OpTic Texas and the Call of Duty League, he was forced to turn down a lucrative brand deal at the upcoming Super Bowl due to his competitive schedule at the time.

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Even with his retirement moving forward a few months, it’s unfortunately too late, as Scump revealed on stream that the window has closed.

In the clip, while co-streaming a Challengers match between Elevate and The Originals, he discussed how his manager received a brand deal opportunity relating to the Super Bowl. His manager didn’t even bring up the brand deal to Scump because it clashed with a CDL Championship weekend and the former pro wouldn’t be able to attend the Super Bowl. 

“He didn’t even bring it up to me because he didn’t want to get my hopes up”, Scump said on stream. 

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Obviously at the time, retirement wasn’t in the cards just yet. But in hindsight, Scump wouldn’t be competing in any CDL matches over Super Bowl weekend due and very well could have taken it. He reveals he would have been given tickets to the Super Bowl as well, worth around $11,000 USD.

“How unlucky is that though?” he said to chat. “If I would’ve known that I was retiring a week earlier I would’ve been able to go.”

He also mentioned he doesn’t know what the deal would have entailed as he obviously was not given any details because it was rejected. 

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