Mindblowing Warzone clip shows just how broken Roze skin is


The extremely overpowered nature of the Roze skin has been well-documented in Call of Duty: Warzone, but a stunning new clip shows just how much of an advantage the controversial cosmetic can provide.

Warzone has had its fair share of unbalanced weapons and items – remember how OP the C4 was in the early months, followed by broken guns like the ‘Fire Shotty’ and, more recently, the DMR.

But some would argue that the most overpowered thing in Warzone isn’t an explosive or a weapon, but rather a cosmetic – the Roze skin to be more specific. Due to its completely monotone black color scheme and design, the skin can be extremely difficult to spot in dark areas, leading to a nearly unanimous call from the community for the devs to do something about it.

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Lately, however, it’s become evident that Roze’s effect isn’t just limited to shadowy spots; a new clip that’s surfaced on Reddit (via u/ckalinec) shows it can be just as effective in well-lit areas too.

As you can see in the video, the player is in the main atrium of Train Station, where there is a lot of natural light flooding in from the openings on the ceiling. He then suddenly gets mowed down by what initially appears to be an invisible character, which turns out to be, of course, the controversial skin.

Basically, Roze was still able to camouflage while standing in front of some darkened window panels, even though there’s plenty of good lighting in the room, more than enough to make everything visible.

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“Yesterday, I got Roze skinned in a well-lit room,” the player wrote on Reddit. “Or maybe I’m blind, you be the judge.”

ActivisionThe Roze skin was originally released during Season 4 of Warzone & Modern Warfare.

The clip got plenty of comments shortly after getting posted, with everyone coming to an agreement that there was really no way to justify or explain what had taken place.

“The problem is this one has NOTHING but black. There’s no face, there’s not other color in the suit, not shoes or anything so it makes it so hard to see. It’s insane,” one user wrote.

Another player expressed a similar sentiment: “Nope couldn’t see her at all! I kinda wish she had accents like Ghost. Maybe some white streaks or a bright mask. Ghost has those and I never feel screwed by him BECAUSE I CAN SEE HIM. I legitimately couldn’t see the Roze in this clip.”

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Roze skin in WarzoneActivision
The Roze skin is very difficult to spot in most lighting conditions.

Whether or not Activision will do anything about this remains to be seen. To be fair, the devs are put in a difficult spot because if they change the Roze skin’s design, it could cause issues with those who paid money to purchase it because of how it looks.

And it’s not something that can be easily settled by issuing refunds for those who want to return it, due to the fact that it was originally a Tier 100 item in the Season 4 Battle Pass, so players who obtained it that way already spent a lot of time playing the game to reach that Tier.

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