Rebirth Island & Fortune’s Keep reportedly being removed with launch of Warzone 2

Brad Norton
Warzone Rebirth

Both of Warzone’s popular ‘small’ maps, the classic Rebirth Island and the newer Fortune’s Keep, are reportedly set to disappear with the launch of Warzone 2 on November 16.

Over the past two and half years, Warzone players have been dropping in to just two full-size Battle Royale maps in Verdansk and Caldera. Accompanying them along the way has been Rebirth Island and Fortune’s Keep, two smaller layouts designed for a faster pace and reduced lobby sizes.

For many, these smaller alternatives are the main draw in Warzone today. Thousands jump online night after night just to tear through the chaotic fun of these bite-sized BR maps.

However, with the launch of Warzone 2 this November, it’s unclear if fans will have any smaller locale on offer. As the new Al Mazrah map comes into focus and the original Warzone reportedly pivots to ‘Warzone Caldera,’ insiders have suggested both Rebirth and Fortune’s Keep will vanish amid the transition.

“Rebirth Island and Fortune’s Keep will be removed from current Warzone following the release of Warzone 2,” prominent CoD insider ‘TheGhostOfHope’ shared in a September 27 tweet. “This isn’t a joke. They’re actually being removed.”

At this stage, it’s unclear what might become of the fan-favorite maps if this claim holds true. We could see both transition to Warzone 2 over the coming months, driving players to install the sequel, or we could see them disappear indefinitely like Verdansk.

All that seems certain is the original Warzone will no longer provide access to the smaller maps after November 16. This could be to help reduce the original game’s file size, or it could simply be to allow Caldera its very own space amid the reported renaming.

Obviously, do take this early information with a grain of salt for the time being as nothing has yet been made official by Activision. Though should this hold true come Warzone 2’s launch, it appears just two maps will be available as 2022 winds down. Caldera in the existing application, and Al Mazrah as part of the sequel.

As for when a smaller map may arrive, the very same leaker has pointed towards the middle of 2023 as a safe bet. So fans of the more close-quarters, Resurgence-style gameplay may be waiting for months to recapture the experience.

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