Popular Warzone hack accuser BadBoyBeaman exposed for “rage hacking”

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Call of Duty: Warzone has a set of fans who accuse nearly all of the big streamers of cheating. Now, one of their most popular figureheads, BadBoyBeaman, has been exposed for “rage hacking.”

A wise man once said “how the turn tables,” boldly paraphrasing a timeless quote: “How the tables have turned.” And, in the Warzone hackusation scene, that expression comes to mind — as the community has now come full circle.

BadBoyBeaman is a YouTuber who creates content accusing Warzone streamers of hacking. His work has led streamers to offer him flights to come watch them play and led children to literally wear tinfoil hats.

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Now, in as poetic a turn of fate as humanly possible, BBB has been exposed for hacking. That is no typo — the guy known for raging against streamers was found “rage hacking.” And it was in his very own subreddit, no less.

BadBoyBeaman exposed for hacking in Warzone

Popular YouTuber JGOD was one of the first people to call BBB out on Twitter, after seeing tweets and a Reddit post about the situation. Funnily enough, that OG Reddit post was on BBB’s own subreddit: r/StreamersCheating.

In the post, ‘Throwawayp2020’ explained that they found BBB’s Warzone stats, which they cross-referenced against his gameplay to confirm the user. These stats were obviously suspicious, showing games where he put up 38 kills with only 92 damage taken.

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The community immediately dove into the information, opening up layers upon layers of proof. When BBB denied the accusations in the Reddit post, another user — ‘doomguy332’ — brought up further evidence.

While BBB admitted that he tests hacks out for educational purposes, users have demonstrated that he cheated for 96 games in a two-week span. This is in combination with research into his teammates hacking as well.

On BBB’s side, he continues to proclaim his innocence on Twitter and YouTube. But public sentiment doesn’t seem convinced. 

One user on his subreddit called him a “fraud” while another simply expressed shock at this table-turning story: “The rage hacker that accuses legit player, you couldn’t write it.”

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