Shameless Warzone hacker exposed after tracking through entire building

Warzone cheaters shoot helicopterActivision

Warzone hackers remain a major issue for players as they wait for RICOCHET anti-cheat to activate in the Pacific update. In the meantime, hackers are cheating like there’s no tomorrow, blatantly shooting through buildings.

With RICOCHET still some time away, hackers have been mocking Activision at every turn, such as posting insane clips to TikTok while they can.

Of course, it’s not uncommon for some cheaters to be overly blatant with their hacks, but it seems to have gotten a lot worse as of late.

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One such hacker felt so untouchable, they even decided to just start tracking players through walls in a completely off-putting spectacle that looks just un-fun for players and cheaters alike.

RICOCHET anti-cheatActivision
Players are waiting for RICOCHET to go live in Warzone.

Hacker shoots Warzone players through buildings

In a clip posted to Reddit by user rougeot10, the player got on a helicopter to get away from enemies, but had the vehicle come under fire.

Despite flying behind a building, creating what should have been a wall of cover for protection, the player still found themself being shot. Somehow.

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After landing, the helicopter exploded in a blaze that was anything but glorious. Luckily, the kill cam exposed the cheater in the most perplexing way.

As you can see in the video, the hacker tracked through the entire building, and it’s not like this is Wanted where you can curve bullets, oh no. They even seemed to get a hitmarker on the helicopter driver, with some sort of building-penetrating round.

Even once the helicopter passed the large building, the hacker kept on firing with pinpoint accuracy to secure the frags.

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“Not even the slightest attempt at hiding it,” a user wrote in the comments, pointing out how obvious the cheater was.

Warzone cheatersActivision
Players are fed up with Warzone cheaters.

“Seriously, what is the point in even playing at this point?” another wrote, clearly upset at the state of the game.

Hopefully, Warzone can finally reemerge as a top battle royale once anti-cheat kicks in, but until then, it’s an ongoing bumpy ride for anyone trying to play the game without any hacking shenanigans.

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