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Warzone players reveal which competitive features they most want added

Published: 19/Jul/2021 3:33 Updated: 19/Jul/2021 3:04

by Theo Salaun


There is no shortage of cosmetics and weapon changes in Call of Duty: Warzone, but players have their eyes set elsewhere. Following a poll directed at the competitive community, it’s clear what features players want most.

Season 4 Reloaded had the largest patch to weapons in Warzone history and, understandably, the game’s gun meta is now more diverse than ever. That used to be a principal concern of the community, who had grown sick of rigid metas like the DMR or R9-0.

After Warzone Twitter became overridden by discussion of hackers in recent weeks, we turned to the community to answer two questions: First, how big could the game be if it had an effective anti-cheat? And second, what feature would be at the top of everyone’s wishlist?


Considering the reactions to the former, the results of the second shouldn’t be entirely shocking. There were two principal wishlist options: effective anti-cheat and a ranked playlist. The third option was “other,” to allow for flexibility. 

As you can see, the community very firmly agreed upon one thing: Warzone needs an effective anti-cheat. Other free-to-play titles like Fortnite, Valorant, and League of Legends don’t seem to have the same hacker problem that CoD’s title does — so it’s clear that there’s potential for the situation to be better.

While 85% voted for anti-cheat, another 13% confidently voted for a ranked playlist. Whether this would work like it does in Apex Legends is unclear, but the hopes for a more competitive atmosphere are evident.


After so much hacking drama over the past few months, it’s understandable that Warzone fans want an anti-cheat over everything else. That’s all people talked about in the replies as well, so no one can be certain what “other” features the 2% hope for.

Apex Legends season 8 ranked mode
Respawn Entertainment
Ranked Mode is one of Apex Legends’ best features, popular with competitive players and casuals.

One possibility? Maybe they want Black Ops Cold War’s Zombies camos added to the game. And, if that’s the case, then there might be some good news for those who are still focused on cosmetics — at least, according to recent leaks. (If they want dev errors to be fixed, then there’s no good news.)


As it stands, it’s obvious why an anti-cheat would help the game become even bigger than it already is. Fewer hackers would mean less-frustrating matches for higher-skilled individuals and more seamless tournaments.

A ranked playlist could also help the tournament scene, as Kill Races could be a more favorable format if everyone’s lobbies enjoyed stricter SBMM. The opportunities are endless, but the community wants Activision to focus on step one: the anti-cheat.