Warzone hack free trials blamed for massive spike in cheaters in Season 4

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Warzone players have claimed that cheaters have become as rampant as ever in Season 4 as some cheat-selling websites have apparently started offering free trials on different hacks.

Just like many other multiplayer games, Warzone has had its fair share of issues with cheaters and hackers, which have pushed players to call for changes or completely stop playing the battle royale.

Raven Software have attempted to address things with countless ban waves, but players want a serious anti-cheat added to really root out the problems.

At the end of Season 3, many fans complained that cheaters had once again overtaken the game after a little bit of a lull, and that seems to have carried over into Season 4, with some players believing they’ve found the cause of the issue.

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Despite Warzone’s popularity, hackers and cheats still run riot in Verdansk.

Since the start of Season 4, there have been countless posts across social media complaining about the state of the game, with many fans saying they’re running into cheaters at least half of the time.

These cheats come in the form of aimbots, wallhacks, god mode, and much more, with some fans pushing for a global strike or outright deletion of the game until Raven resolves things.

As for why cheaters are on the rise, some fans believe it’s because cheat sellers are now pushing free trials. “Yes, cheating is worse. A lot of cheat services have started offering free trials,” said Redditor ItWouldBe. Some fans were taken aback by that. “Bro wtf, they’re doing so good they got free f**king trials??? where is Activision??????” replied one.

These free trials seemingly started happening at the end of Season 3, as other players reported it too. “The reason being is because a famous cheat provider is having a free trial on their cheats. Stop saying people are better, there are literally 2-3 cheaters per lobby on high elo in EU rn,” said Help_With_PC_PLS back in May.

Some players have even adopted the ‘can’t beat them, join them stance’ of taking up these free trials. While they only appear to last for a game or two, that’s long enough to ruin another player’s experience.

Activision have shut down cheat sellers before, and if these free trials become rampant, they may have to act once again.