OpTic Texas players slam Minnesota ROKKR after controversial CDL Major 1 forfeit

OpTic Texas CDLCDL

OpTic Texas pros have slammed Minnesota ROKKR after their first Call of Duty League match of the Modern Warfare 2 season ended in a controversial forfeit.

The Modern Warfare 2 Call of Duty League season officially began with CDL Major 1’s Opening Weekend on December 2.

Wins for both LA rosters and Boston Breach were overshadowed by a controversial second match, which saw fan favorites OpTic Texas forfeit to Minnesota ROKKR after a SAE scorestreak bug affected Cammy.

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Although the Control match was nearly complete and OpTic looked set to secure the win, a CDL ruling instructed both teams to replay the match. OpTic refused and as a result forfeited the match.

OpTic Texas forfeits CDL Major 1 match amid Minnesota ROKKR replay controversy

In the aftermath, the team’s stars have criticized their opponents for refusing to accept that the match was already lost, as well as the League’s ruling that instructed them to replay Round 5.

CoD legend Scump described the match as “over” and explained that it will be difficult to “regain” ahead of future Opening Weekend matches.

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“We got cheesed out of a map win heading into a good side Hardpoint,” he said. “I definitely won’t be regained tomorrow.”

Teammate Dashy was even more scathing, hitting out at Minnesota for being “weirdos” and labelling them as “cowards”.

“I don’t know what I’m more p*ssed about,” he said. “MN being f**king weirdos about the situation or the League actually buying that BS from that camp.”

He even suggested it may have been a ploy from ROKKR to force a replay, saying: “Wait hold up we have ZERO chance of winning this game? Lemme just call in this SAE real quick!!”

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iLLeY also criticized the decision, describing it as “pathetic” and lamenting the League’s comments in the incident’s aftermath.

The ROKKR released a five-minute interview with Cammy, the player who was affected by the SAE bug. He explained that the build of the game prevents players from un-equipping the SAE scorestreak and that the issues were “out of our control”.

He also apologized to fans for the way the match ended and said that all players want to win or lose fairly.

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The CDL’s GM, Daniel Tsay, said the situation “sucks for everyone” and that he wishes the game could have been settled differently.

“Wish the ROKKR-OpTic match hadn’t ended in a forfeit,” he tweeted. “I know some people will agree and some people will disagree with the replay round call made. We needed to apply league rules, but no one wants to see a matchup get to where it did. Sucks for everyone.”

Regardless, the Greenwall will continue to feel short-changed and, as a result of refusing to adhere to the CDL’s replay instructions, begin the season with a 0-1 record.

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