OpTic LA’s SlasheR slams “unacceptable” Modern Warfare online matches

Joe Craven

OpTic Gaming LA’s Austin ‘SlasheR’ Liddicoat has slammed Modern Warfare over the internet conditions in which players have to compete in the Call of Duty League, following the inaugural season’s move online.  

There has been significant debate about the CDL’s transition to online play only, with a host of pro players arguing that there are far too many inconsistencies and server issues for the season to be legitimate. Others, however, make the case that it’s the only way competition can continue given the ongoing global crisis.

SlasheR, veteran AR for OpTic Gaming Los Angeles, comes down on the side of the former argument, and has slammed the CDL as his side’s struggles go on.

OpTic Gaming LA’s roster for the inaugural CDL season.

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Despite, on paper, boasting one of the best rosters in the whole league, the OpTic Gaming LA roster have struggled to put any sort of winning run together. These issues have continued into the ongoing CDL Chicago, where a 3-1 loss to the LA Guerillas saw the Green Wall eliminated without winning a match.

While they have struggled both online and at LAN events, SlasheR has hit out at the CDL over recent online conditions, arguing they are completely “unacceptable” and impossible to compete under.

“This is just unacceptable,” he said, in an April 25 tweet.  “When does the next Black Ops game release? Gotta mark my calendar”. Next year’s CoD title is developed by Treyarch and, while not thought to be a direct sequel to Black Ops 4, is thought to be tied into the series in some way.

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SlasheR’s criticism is aimed at Modern Warfare’s online servers which, despite recent adjustments to try and make them more suitable for competitive play, many claim are still struggling to offer totally lag-free experiences.

SlasheR also states that the lag was so bad, his team were asking to end the game early, as well as sarcastically providing a map to highlight the distance between Los Angeles and Chicago.

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The tweets follow complaints from CDL Chicago’s Friday competition, in which SlasheR asked how players are supposed to perform at the highest level while on 100 ping.

In response to the complaints, Joe ‘MerK’ DeLuca, ex-pro CoD player and current broadcaster for the CDL, said: “There’s nothing anyone can do, we would all love to be on LAN”.

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It is an undoubtedly tricky situation for the CDL to balance. There is no real prospect of LAN play returning anytime soon, but SlasheR is clearly of the opinion that the CDL’s online environment could be drastically improved.

The ongoing struggles of OpTic Gaming Los Angeles have led some to speculate about upcoming roster changes. Of the five players currently starting for the Green Wall, four won at least one tournament in last year’s Black Ops 4.

It is a truly bizarre series of events, as five of the world’s best CoD players struggle to win a single map.

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