New master camo and Shoot the Ship modes coming to Modern Warfare

Joe Craven

Call of Duty developers Infinity Ward have confirmed that Modern Warfare will soon be graced with new Shoot the Ship modes, as well as a new master weapon camouflage, above the existing Damascus.

In an April 24 community update, Infinity Ward confirmed a host of bug fixes and adjustments will be coming to Modern Warfare in the game’s next significant update, scheduled for wide release on April 28. 

However, away from pre-emptive patch notes, the developers also confirmed that a host of new content will be dropping very soon.

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Shoot the Ship returning to Modern Warfare

It has been confirmed that Shoot the Ship, the wildly popular mash-up of Shipment and Shoothouse, will be returning with brand new game modes. These have been confirmed to Cranked and Grind, two Infinity Ward designed game modes that have featured in their last few titles.

Shoot the Ship has been in demand ever since its removal. Infinity Ward have implemented similar playlists featuring small maps only – most recently, Cabin Fever – but the calls for Shoot the Ship have not yet gone away.

Shipment and Shoot House 24/7 are coming to Modern Warfare.
Shoot the Ship will be returning with some brand new game modes.

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New Modern Warfare Obsidian Camo

On a similarly exciting note, Infinity Ward confirmed recent rumors that pointed to a master weapon camouflage beyond Damascus, the camo received for achieving Gold on every single weapon.

“There’s also something new to chase,” they said. “Can we interest you in Obsidian camo? Or maybe you want to mix and match blueprint weapon attachments to your heart’s content, even on another blueprint weapon…”

They did not confirm how it will be earned, but Joe Cecot, one of Infinity Ward’s most senior MP developers, previously said that a lot of time and effort will need to be invested.

The combat knife, with Damascus camo.

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Players do not need Damascus camo unlocked in order to try and reach the Obsidian camouflage, meaning the new challenge is open to all Modern Warfare players.

With just over a month left of the third season, players can still look forward to Season Four, set to start in early June.

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