Call of Duty League announces server changes ahead of CDL Chicago

Albert Petrosyan

The Call of Duty League has implemented new measures that they hope will improve server connectivity for the upcoming Chicago Home Series on April 21.

The CoD League’s decision to restructure their inaugural season to an online format has forced the teams and production crew to make some major adjustments for the remaining slate of events.

Playing CoD online vs LAN is a huge difference, and despite the addition of dedicated servers, this past Dallas Home Series had its fair share of connectivity issues that caused major lag spikes during matches.

CDLTeams have had to adjust to online competition after the CoD League switched their format for this season.

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On April 23, the CDL announced that they’d added four additional regional servers for the Chicago tournament, bringing the overall total of dedicated servers to nine.

“Through a number of server upgrades and rigorous testing, we are working toward improved match play connectivity and better protections against server lag spikes that led to connection issues during our last event,” they said in their announcement.

While they did not reveal where these four new ones are located, they come in addition to the ones already in San Francisco, Texas, Chicago, Ohio, and Virginia, according to Dallas Empire’s Ian ‘Crimsix’ Porter.

Crimsix - TwitterThe locations of the CDL’s dedicated servers, according to Dallas Empire’s Ian ‘Crimsix’ Porter.

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In addition, the CDL are also introducing a new server veto process for all matches, starting with the Chicago Home Series: “Both teams will be provided three servers to test prior to the start of their match.”

The way this veto process will work is each team will submit a “blind veto” of one server, and if both teams end up choosing to veto the same server, the league will decide which of the other two will be used.

Once a server is chosen, the entire match (up to five maps) will be played on it. Over the past week, teams have gotten a chance to test out these changes during scheduled scrims so they can have a good idea of which servers they want to play on come tournament time.

CDLAll remaining Call of Duty League Home Series this season will be played online.

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This announcement came a day after Crimsix’s rant on Twitter in which he openly complained about the online servers being “unplayable” during the Dallas Home Series.

He also claimed that his team and Chicago Huntsmen were being “punished” because the CDL was apparently not allowing them to play on nearby servers because they were too close, essentially forcing them to connect to ones that were much farther away.

The Chicago Home Series will take place April 24-26 featuring both Huntsmen and Empire in attendance. For more information about the event, make sure to check out our dedicated hub that includes the streams, schedule, brackets, and more.

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