One-armed Warzone streamer goes viral after dominating in Verdansk

Jaret Kappelman
One-armed Warzone streamer goes viral after dominating in VerdanskActivision, Twitch, maValentinee

This small Warzone streamer is lighting up Verdansk with only one arm. The controller player went viral on Reddit after he set a personal record of 24 kills in a single game. 

A streamer by the name of maValentinee on Twitch made it to the top of the Warzone subreddit after clutching up and getting the last 4 kills in the game.

It caught the eye of so many people because he was able to do all of this with only one arm.

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maValentinee shows you that it doesn’t matter if you’re different from other people. Everyone can enjoy the game of Warzone and be good at it.

Total Warzone domination with just one arm

maValentinee plays Warzone with only one of his arms. His controller rests on his shoulder and he aims with his chin to take down enemies.

In this clip he single-handedly clutches up to win the game for this squad with his FARA 83.

The clip shows you just how difficult it is to aim with your chin, look at the screen, and win the game, all while your adrenaline is pumping.

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The community was in awe when this clip went viral and everyone had nice and supportive responses.

One Redditor said he’s amazed by this because he struggles to just jump out a window let alone kill a whole team.

maValentinee is getting support from everyone, and another Redditor said the streamer is inspirational to him and his son. He shared that his son also plays with just one arm and that it is amazing how they are able to do something that is so difficult to pull off.

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Comments continue to pour in on Reddit showing support for the streamer and having their mind blown that they can’t do this themslves.

According to COD Tracker at the time of writing this, maValentinee has picked up over 7,500 kills and has 72 career wins.

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