Ninja immediately accused of hacking during Warzone return stream

Andrew Highton
ninja smiling over cod background

Call of Duty: Warzone is known for its cheating and hacking, but Ninja’s return to the battle royale game was greeted by an accusation that made amused the streamer.

Ninja continues to be a popular streamer and the star who rose to fame during the early Fortnite days has made his return to the Warzone.

Activision’s Warzone is a huge rival to Fortnite and Ninja has flirted with Call of Duty’s battle royale in the past.

He recently decided to give the divisive Caldera a crack and it wasn’t long before the gamer was being accused of cheating in the game.

Warzone player claims Ninja is cheating

With a bit of a throwback loadout featuring the Kar98k and MP40, more so the Kar98k since it was nerfed, Ninja was in the middle of a Solos game on Caldera.

With 7 kills already in the bag and the streamer looking comfortable, he used a Redploy Balloon to survey his surroundings and an enemy opened fire on Ninja.

After briefly ADSing for about a second, Ninja eliminated the opposition player with a quick and clean headshot, resulting in a rather accusatory death comm: “Hell, he’s cheating.”

The comment simply made Ninja burst out laughing before exclaiming: “This is awesome!”

He then carried on about his business as usual and in his Tweet about the clip described the Warzone vibes as “immaculate.”

Ninja also said that the reason he is returning is to Warzone to “shake off the rust before The new MW battle royale.”

So it’s clear that even Ninja is hyped and prepping for the massive drop of Warzone 2 following the launch of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

The second game in the rebooted version of Modern Warfare is currently scheduled to drop on October 28, 2022, and Warzone 2 has been confirmed to be released a tiny bit later and players have a big request for Warzone until then.