Warzone players have one huge request for Season 5 ahead of Warzone 2

overhead view of Caldera in cod warzoneActivision

Fans of CoD Warzone are keen for Raven Software to honor one massive request for Warzone Season 5 that could be an absolute game-changer.

With Warzone Season 4 Reloaded now well underway, it means we are on the road to Warzone Season 5, one of the final stops before Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.

Activision’s battle royale shooter has been a massive success and contributed to the company’s already stellar portfolio of games, but players are desperate for the game to make one colossal change that would keep them happy.

Warzone Season 5 needs Verdansk, claim players

“Anyone else want Raven to bring back Verdansk for Season 5 so we can play it all one last time?” was the sentiment shared by one Reddit user – a popular question that has been asked many times since the OG map was replaced by Warzone Pacific’s Caldera.

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Ever since November 2021, the Warzone experience has changed for many. The launch of Call of Duty: Vanguard simultaneously signaled the end of Verdansk and ushered in the era of Caldera.

The tropical setting focused less on tall buildings and murkier colors and instead brightened up things and shifted towards more open gunfights.

Many players have been campaigning for the longest time for Verdansk to make its return and a new Reddit post has had plenty of fans feeling the same way.

I went from only playing Verdansk and never touching Resurgence to never touching Caldera and only playing Resurgence. I’d be so happy if they brought Verdansk back,” one player said.

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Another one elaborated on why Caldera hasn’t proved as popular: “Caldera is too flat and open, and all the map is the same, doesn’t matter where you are, everything looks the same and theres no variety, Verdansk had loads of different environments and you could actually choose where to go based on your weapons.”

Raven Software has said before that they want nothing more than to be able to let players rotate between Verdansk and Caldera, but technical limitations prevent that.

Storage Town recently made a comeback in Caldera, and there’s no doubt that bringing back the full Verdansk map would be seismic for the CoD community.

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