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NICKMERCS & TimTheTatMan create a Warzone army of stream snipers

Published: 7/Nov/2020 21:50

by Theo Salaun


In a social experiment for the ages, superstar streamers NICKMERCS and TimTheTatMan capitalized on their clout to create the biggest army of Warzone stream snipers and teamers to ever grace Verdansk.

Gamers, especially of the battle royale variety, do not like stream snipers and they do not like teamers. Countless popular Warzone streamers have decried the former, whether after being somehow hunted down and killed during a tournament or simply during a casual session with their friends.

But NICKMERCS and TimTheTatMan have seemingly done the impossible by turning stream snipers and an inclination to team into a positive, as they united their massive followings to solidify an army.


The two streamers, who boast a combined 10.2 million followers on Twitch, told their audiences to wear a unified Operator skin and meet at Airport in a game of Duos. The results were incredible, as dozens of players from the game’s lobby joined in, establishing peace among themselves and gallivanting toward unfriendlies. 

Unsurprisingly, leading a mass of muted unknowns is a difficult affair and the two streamers sometimes struggled to iron out the delicate balances inherent to leadership. 

With great power comes great responsibility and, at one particularly chaotic moment, NICKMERCS unknowingly, irresponsibly sacrificed his soldiers when trying to establish a vehicular convoy. 


But losing some fallen comrades didn’t stop the fun from continuing, as Nick once counted out a platoon of their army, reaching a solid 26 soldiers before encountering a hostile.

And, as one would expect from a streamer army, the group simply erased the enemy combatant within seconds while dropping armor for their two leaders at the same time.

Overall, it was a tremendous, positive experience in which the two streaming superstars proved the power of stream snipers can be harnessed for good content. The two led their group all the way until one of the final circles.


With around 10 teams left, the convoy made its way up a stairwell in Stadium, crouched and down to a group of about seven final soldiers. Then, in a shocking twist of fate, a hostile pretended they were part of the group and joined them at the top of the stairs, crouching as if they were friendly.


When the two streamers realized this imposer was wearing the wrong skin and could have been hostile, it was too late. An ambush was sprung and the entire unit was obliterated, securing fourth place and, more importantly, a dramatic ending to an elaborate storyline.

While this giant army somehow didn’t end up winning Nick and Tim the game, the overall result was highly entertaining for the 100,000+ combined viewers between the two streams.

All this said, however, the two Twitch stars might want to be a bit more careful organizing such get-togethers in-game, so to not invoke the wrath of Activision for essentially breaking the rules when it comes to teaming with enemy players.