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Warzone star Aydan tells the LA Thieves why they need to pick him up

Published: 7/Nov/2020 1:52

by Theo Salaun


One of the world’s greatest Warzone players, Aydan ‘aydan’ Conrad, has hit up 100 Thieves and explained why he needs to be an absolute priority to round out their new Los Angeles Thieves Call of Duty League roster. 

Aydan is, without a doubt, a legendary Warzone player. The game has only been out since March 2020, but the former Fortnite magician has been dominating Verdansk and built up a name among Call of Duty fans while fattening his wallet.

After running CoD games back in the day before turning to a professional Fortnite career, the beatboxing, head-clicking maestro has earned a whopping $79,104 from Warzone tournaments. This makes him the second-highest competitive earner in the game, right behind HusKerrs, and a tremendous prospect.

After 100T announced their LA Thieves CDL team, Aydan was quick to get in the mix and congratulate them along with a pitch for why he should be the team’s final player. Although the video was made for the laughs, his candidacy for their Warzone team might be for real.

First, Aydan is wholesome and lets 100T know how happy he is for them to have locked in their CDL spot. Next, he gets into why they need to consider him for a roster spot.

“You guys are missing out if you don’t pick me up on your team … I scrim probably 27 hours a day, my energy’s just unmatched, my shot is electric, and you guys are never going to find another guy like me.”

As far as sales pitches go, Aydan’s is worthy of its own Mad Men spin-off series. The guys lets him game speak and then, with synergy multibillionaire corporations would be proud of, speaks about his game. 100T loves content and high-tier gameplay, a blend that Aydan consistently delivers. 

On the same day 100T announced the LA Thieves, Nadeshot also confirmed that the organization would be building the first-ever esports team dedicated specifically to Warzone.

While he was hesitant to mention names for the roster, he did indicate that they “want to build one of the greatest Warzone teams that you’ll ever witness.”

If that’s the goal, then Aydan is on a short list of premier players who could be signed. While HusKerrs is signed to NRG, Aydan is currently a free agent and seemingly available for service.

aydan warzone
Twitter, @Aydan
This guy smacks your squad on Verdansk, what do you do?

The other name most popularly linked to the brand would be Symfuhny, who would be an excellent candidate to join as he and Aydan would form a tremendous duo as franchise cornerstones. 

It’s unclear what that would mean for Sym’s regular duo streams with HusKerrs, but 100T just might be able to lock things in if they’re willing to sell the allure of Verdansk supremacy.

Call of Duty

Weird Gunship bug makes Black Ops Cold War permanently thermal

Published: 25/Nov/2020 10:30

by Jacob Hale


A strange bug with the Gunship killstreak in Black Ops Cold War is giving players a secret advantage for the rest of the match, making it easier to spot and gun down enemies.

The Gunship is one of the highest scoring streaks in Black Ops Cold War, with players needing to accrue a whopping 10,000 points to earn it in a match.

Obviously, it’s worth the reward if you’re able to earn one, with the ability to absolutely mow down enemies from above as they spawn in, and can easily rack up double-digit kills with it on the right map.

But some players are experiencing a bug with it that makes the rest of the match even easier, and it’s unclear why.

Black Ops Cold War Gunship
The Gunship is the top killstreak in Black Ops Cold War.

As you can see in the clip below, Prussian-Monarch was kicked out of their Gunship while playing Moscow Hardpoint, and they seem very confused by it — but not as confused as what happens next.

After being kicked out, Monarch is stuck in some kind of permanent thermal vision, with everything looking black and grey, besides enemies who are lit up white like when using a thermal scope.

This perk becomes immediately clear when he starts noticing enemies with the bright white glow on them, and we can only imagine that it helped close out the game much quicker and easier with Monarch’s ability to see enemies at any distance or hidden in the tightest nooks and crannies on the map.

There doesn’t seem to be any suggestion as to how or why this happened, and Prussian-Monarch seems just as confused as we are, having been unceremoniously and prematurely kicked out of his Gunship.

It must be frustrating to not be able to wield the streak after playing so well to earn it, but this strange bug would definitely make you forget about that very quickly.