NICKMERCS reveals concerns about rumored Warzone WW2 Pacific map

James Busby

With the reports of Raven Software implementing a brand new WWII-themed map into Warzone, Call of Duty content creator Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff has finally given his thoughts on the matter. 

The rumors and leaks continue to pour in and it seems that the CoD 2021 will be going back to the brutal battlefields of WWII. Call of Duty: Vanguard is reportedly being developed by Sledgehammer Games — the developers behind Call of Duty: WWII. Not only does this mean players will be utilizing older weaponry like the Thompson and M1 Garand in the game’s multiplayer modes, but it will also be bringing the 1940s conflict to Warzone. 

According to a recent report, the new map is going to be named Pacific and will be “significantly larger” than Verdansk. Players can also expect a wave of new vehicles and other new features that will help bring the WWII theme to life. While Warzone fans have wanted new content for a while, several players aren’t enamored with the boots-on-the-ground action of WWII — NICKMERCS being one of them. 

Call of Duty WWII gunsActivision / Sledgehammer Games
Integrating WWII guns into Warzone could prove difficult.

This news is obviously incredibly exciting to many Warzone fans, particularly those who are tired of playing on Verdansk. While its 1984 facelift and addition of new POIs have helped alleviate the tedium of its frozen fields, there’s no doubt Warzone is in desperate need of some new content. Well, that’s exactly what the new Pacific WWII map aims to do. 

Despite this, Call of Duty content creator NICKMERCS has a few concerns. “Believe me, as a YouTuber and team YouTube, I’m all about the change. I don’t want to complain about that part of it,” says Nick. “I just don’t like going back in time to the WWII days. Obviously, not the happiest times in the world, right? “I remember when Call of Duty put out WWII CoD, it was just horrible. It pushed me away to Fortnite.”

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Sledgehammer Games’ previous WWII title certainly wasn’t a fan-favorite by any means, and while some CoD pros enjoyed the more grounded action, it certainly had its fair share of problems. One of the biggest gripes was just how unexciting the maps looked — an area Nick is really concerned about. 

“The colors in the game were just dull and bland,” says Nick. “How’s it going to work with all of our current guns in Modern Warfare? There’s no way that I’m going to be up against a brick wall of 1940 using a Kilo.” Nick’s concerns are certainly valid and it will be interesting to see how this integration will work.

According to the report, Vanguard will be running on the Modern Warfare/Warzone engine. It’s hoped that this will improve the integration process between CoD 2021 and Warzone, but we’ll likely hear official news on this in the months to come.