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NICKMERCS pleads with Warzone devs to fix “worst glitch ever”

Published: 8/Dec/2020 16:35

by James Busby


The ever-popular Call of Duty content creator Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff has given his views on the unlimited Juggernaut exploit that is currently running rampant across Warzone. 

NICKMERCS has been pretty vocal when it comes to the current state of Warzone lobbies, especially voicing his concerns for the ongoing hacking problem and lackluster map changes. While his loadout guides have undoubtedly impacted the meta, it’s also hoped that his recent video will help highlight how broken the latest glitch is. 

Juggernauts have gained a lot of notoriety ever since their introduction, but a duplication glitch has since made things even worse.


Not only is killing one Juggernaut incredibly difficult, but it’s also pretty much impossible when a whole squad is kitted out with them. 

Activision / Infinity Ward
It’s hard enough taking down one juggernaut, let alone a whole squad of them.

The unlimited Juggernaut glitch is incredibly easy to exploit and it’s not uncommon to see multiple squads using this trick to grab an easy win. Of course, this has led to a lot of frustrations in the Warzone community, with many players refusing to play until the matter is fixed. 

“This is the worst glitch we’ve ever seen in Warzone so far,” NICKMERCS states. “I mean, you thought the gun glitch was bad, nah, this is way worse. They’ve gotta get on this.” While there have been numerous glitches in Warzone since its launch, the current infinite juggernaut glitch is one that is really making waves in the community for its game-breaking potential. 


While hackers and the infamous wall glitch continue to plague the game, it’s the unlimited Juggernaut suit spawns that are really making the headlines. This is partly down to how easy it is to replicate. In order to use this glitch to their advantage, players only need to have a killstreak and Juggernaut drop.  

Once these two items have been acquired, it’s just a case of activating the Juggernaut while picking up the killstreak at the same time. If timed right, you’ll be able to duplicate the Juggernaut suit. This has resulted in numerous squads running around Verdansk with the most devastating streak in the game. 


“We’ve had a problem with Activision dragging their feet, taking their damn time in the past – so we’re hoping that this [patch] is a little speedy. This thing is pretty out of control man, every lobby that we go in, there’s a team of Juggernauts that you’re fighting.”

Activision has yet to make an official statement on this game-breaking glitch, but it’s hoped that they will put an end to the Juggernaut nightmare soon.