Warzone YouTuber JGOD discovers broken attachment giving snipers a buff

JGOD and a Warzone sniperYouTube: JGOD/Activision

Popular Warzone YouTube JGOD has revealed that snipers are actually being made stronger in the battle royale thanks to rear grips, especially the Serpent Wrap.

With such a wide variety of attachments in Warzone, some players have started relying on others to give them the best build for certain weapons.

YouTubers like JGOD go above and beyond when it comes to testing things out, making sure that weapons are working correctly and giving the community feedback on whats happening.

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Following updates and patches, like the one we got on March 31, the YouTuber has been conducting a few more tests and it seems like snipers are being buffed by rear grips, particularly the Serpent Wrap.

Warzone sniperTreyarch/Activision
Snipers are needed in Warzone given the size of Verdansk.

In his video, JGOD looked at what’s happening with snipers currently in Warzone, noting that attachment changes have been affecting the way classes are being set up, particularly now the rear grips.

The YouTuber revealed that the Serpent Wrap, while having a noticeable Sprint to Fire time, is making the aim down sight of snipers really quick – especially the Pellington and the LW-Tundra.

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As a result of his testing, JGOD showed that the Tundra, which already one of the most powerful weapons in Warzone, can have a quicker ADS speed than the SPR with the right build. That’s pretty alarming given that the SPR is already super quick. You won’t get Kar98 speeds from either sniper, but the Pellington can get rather close.

Now, what does this mean? Well, as the YouTuber notes, it should affect the way classes are being set up, for now at least anyway.

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Opting for the Serpent Wrap in certain builds allows you to drop another attachment and free up a spot, given the drastic change in ADS speed that it brings.

Is it worth using on other weapons? That’s really up to you. JGOD did some testing with the MAC and FFAR but opted for different grips or no grips at all in his classes. But it’s change on the snipers is really noticeable.

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